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{weekend notes}


Once again I’m a day late.  Did the daylight savings time change hit anyone else like it did us?  I could hardly keep my eyes open yesterday or function. Longest day evvverrrrr!

It was a good weekend.  Food.  Friends.  Sunshine.  LOTS of it.

I did lots of meal prep and cooking.  Bay baked….obvi!  Spent the bulk of our days and evenings outdoors.  That sunshine is good for the soul, I tell ya!


Saturday morning I picked up my nephews for a few hours.  Against their will, we went to  OSH  for the #myoshproject Leprechaun Night Light.  They hated every second of it…lol.  The project wasn’t very fun either.  It was all stickers…lame.  Benny spilled the gold beads about 1,836 times.  Bay + Joe complained the whole time…ha!  The lady running the show didn’t like me for some reason.  And I didn’t even drop any F-bombs the whole time.  WTF?  Anyway, they got their night lights made and we got the hell out of there!!

They even cracked a smile for me as we were leaving, so I guess it wasn’t a complete fail!



Lunch at El Patio.  I haven’t been to Patio in years.  Not sure why, because their food is so damn good!

Oh and I really truly earned that ice-cold beer!


Oh the count of three….everyone close your eyes.  LOL!  I really asked them to smile and this is what I got.  2 times in a row, so I gave up.

I swear they love me ♥



Bay had her bestie, Ruby for a sleepover.  First thing, first…they baked a cake 🙂  Duh!  They added food coloring to make it mint green for St Patrick’s Day.  So cute!

They followed slime making YouTube videos and recorded themselves making some too.  I love these girls!  My kitchen was a wreck though.


Sunday Funday was a good one.  BIG thank you to the Fricke’s for a fun day!

Appropriate beverages + shoes were required!



We went out to the hills for a day of shooting + picnicking.

We loaded up all the kids + beers and drove a few miles out in the hills.  This side-by-side is a bad ass beast.


Garrett teaching Bay to close the gates.


Our spot for the day ♥


I’m pretty sure he’s telling her safety first.  I swear he’s the most patient human ever.  Especially with all of us girls!

He’s a good counselor over cocktails too…Ha!







Look at my girl!

All the kids practiced shooting targets + skeet.  I loved their excitement to try it out.


Believe it or not, because I hardly did myself, I hit the skeet more than once!  My first time and it was an absolute blast!



Bubbles + selfies!

Thank you Garrett + Alex for a perfect day in the Hills.  Bailey + I had so much fun shooting guns.  Shooting the shit.  And hanging out.  We’re pretty lucky to have such great friends!



Happy, sun-kissed, sweaty, dirty kids are my favorite ♥



I ended up with some souvenirs too.  Completely forgot about all the bones the girls gathered and stuck in the trunk of my car….until 5am Monday morning when I open it at the gym.  I even screamed a little.


Sunday barn day!



Kate loving the pig barn!  She’s a natural!



Happy Tuesday.  Come back tomorrow…I’m sharing the Quiche recipe that I posted on my instagram stories over the weekend!


xoxo stacyb


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