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{weekend notes}

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Hello Monday!


Remember I told you Friday that I was headed to San Diego to celebrate one of my girlfriends becoming a Mama?  We had the best weekend.

Sunshine + Friends!  Just what was needed!!

Here are some of the many highlights from the weekend….


Sarah + I flew out of Sac early.  Like we were out of the house by 5am early.

The plus is landing early and having a FULL beautiful day in San Diego!


Champs happened!



Sunshine happened too!  LOTS of sunshine.  I’m a firm believer that sunshine is good for the soul!



Sarah let us sit in on an ultra sound.  We got to listen to the babies heartbeat ♥  This was by far one of the TOP highlights of the weekend.



Sarah’s Baby Girl!  Not mine…lol.  It never crossed my mind when I posted this image on Instagram that peeps would think I was announcing my pregnancy…Noooo!



Hotel Del Coronado // Sarah text us Thursday and told us she had a surprise.  We needed to dust off the bikini’s for a pool day at the Hotel Del!

One of Sarah’s clients did the sweetest things ever for the Mom to be!  She sent us to the Hotel’s private pool/bar for a day on her.  For reals!

Not to mention it was the most beautiful day.  The sun was shining and it was 85 degrees.  I scored my first REAL suntan of the year.  We all did!



I cant even begin to explain how amazing the day was.  You literally had to be there to understand.


Mai Tai’s were flowing……

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Baby gifts + baby bumps ♥

What a MILF, right?!!?



Tequila booms are a must!

I wish I remembered what Bill was saying….LOL!


Dinner + Drink’s at Eddie V’s in La Jolla // My favorite picture of the weekend ♥

Laughing is my favorite, and that’s what we did a lot of this night.


The whole Friday night gang….including Uncle Steve + Bill the Thrill too!!


Torrey Pines State Park // We walked along the beach at Torrey Pines.  Once again, another gorgeous day!  These San Diego peeps have it good 🙂
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We drove along the coast to a bunch of cute little towns.  We came across the best coffee shop + this fish shop!  Hands down the best mahi-mahi tacos I’ve ever had.  And they served tall cans…Whoop Whoop!


Happy Foot Massage // Sarah took us to her hidden gem.  Happy Foot Massage.  For $20 you get a 1 hour “foot massage” which is actually a full body massage.  For $20 bucks!  It’s a helluva deal.

They took us back to this room with 3 low beds.  I got the dude, of course.  You lay down on your back dipping your feet in a warm water bath.  They start massaging your head then work their way down to your feet.  AMAZING!

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Pho Fifth Ave // Another gem that is right around the corner from Sarah’s house.  Pho 5th Ave.  I ordered the Bun.  It’s basically pho without the broth.  Would you look at that!!  So so good!


Sparkcycle // We took a 7am indoor cycle class in La Jolla.  This place was no joke hardcore.  I almost died!  Any my 8 month pregnant BF was peddling away like it was nothing.


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The Baby Shower ♥

The day we had all waited for.  Sarah’s baby shower.



Sheena + her friends + family pulled off a great shower.  The details were everything.  From the sherbet punch to the Buddha decorations to the  old baby photos.

The champagne party favors read:

When you get the news, Pop the bottle and give a cheers!!


Sarah’s friend Hannah {Hannah Claire Photography} captured the afternoon beautify with her camera.  Click the link below the group photo for more images ♥


{Sarah’s Baby Shower Album}

I’m not going to get all sappy, because Sarah wouldn’t approve of that shit but, I’m so very grateful + thankful that I was there for this special day.  To see Sarah glow.  To see Sarah so happy.  Having a  baby is the hardest, most terrifying, exhausting, overwhelming thing that happens to a women, yet the sweetest, most beautiful, most profound love we ever experience.  I’m so happy + proud of Sarah and cannot wait to pop my bottle of champagne the day she officially becomes a mom!  If you’re reading this Sarah – Love you forever and know you are going to be such a great mom.  I can’t wait to meet your baby girls and spoil her.

Thank you BIG for the epic weekend.  Not a place I’d rather have been ♥

xoxo stacyb

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