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I wasn’t originally going to write a post about Hunters Safety.  Seems like a bore-fest, right?

Well this post is more than that.  It’s a proud Mom moment.  And we’re all allowed those.

Lets talks about my daughter that scored a 91% on her test.

Both of us passing was basically a miracle.  Has anyone taken this test recently?  It’s no joke.  Hard!  Two days of reading the guide.  You name it, we went over it.

The first days class was 8 am – 4 pm.  My eyes literally closed more than once.  Out of pure boredom.  And I can’t remember the last time I could legit say I was bored.



We went home Saturday night and I wanted to cry.  I truly didn’t think we had a chance of passing the 100 question test the following day.  We studied for hours.  Made tons of notes.  Practiced safely handling with my Dad’s 22.



Do you see those crazy practice tests?!?!  They are long.  And hard!  I haven’t taken a test in years.  Probably American River College was the last time?  No, I take that back…Online traffic school.  The drivers at work pay me to take their test…haha, but don’t tell anyone.


Sunday morning we were back at it.  Again, at 8am!

We practiced on the shooting range.  The instructors were watching for safety at all times.  You screwed up with a firearm in hand, you fail!  Of course Bailey killed it!  The target, that is!!  She used one of the instructors bolt action rifle.  Remember this was the first time she’s ever fired anything other than her Red Ryder BB gun.

She loaded the magazine like a pro.  Lifted the bolt and fired.  It secretly took everything in me to not jump up and down and clap like a crazy Mom.

Once the group was done, they grabbed their targets.  Bailey hit her target 4 out of 10 shots.


I would show you mine, but they decided to recycle it.  Because I didn’t hit the goddamn thing once.  I didn’t even nick it.  It was completely untouched.



I highly recommend Yolo Sportsman for the Hunters Safety Course.  Although it is boring as hell.  The instructors were amazing.  We passed…so that says a lot!!!

I think they were even impressed we passed 🙂

Bailey still recites the 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety on a daily.

I have 2 of the Hunter’s Safety Workbooks with all the correct answers and pages numbers for the practice tests.  The practice tests are the same questions on the actual test.  They would be great for anyone to review that is ready to take their test.  Message me if you’d like one!!


xoxo stacyb

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