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{friday 5}




ONE – At 10:30am I will no longer be a Hawaii virgin!  Meaning, I’ve never been to Hawaii!  Dirty ass mind!  If you’re reading this, I’m most likely up in the air!  On the longest flight of my life.  See that?  My seat is 15E.  Right smack dab in the middle.  Did I mention that I hate to fly?  This my friends, is why I tend to get a little tipsy before my flights.  This one will be no different.   This is also why my no sugar diet has come to an end!  This is why I was bellied up to the bar before the sun came up.  I’ve even packed my own mini bar.  Being prepared is key, right?  I mean, what do you even do on a 5 hour flight anyway?  I guess drink?  Maybe read?  Pray your neighbor doesn’t stink?  Or snore?  I really have no fucking clue what I will do with my life for five hours stuck in a seat.  Will there be wifi?  Pray!

If you have any Oahu/ North Shore/ Haleiwa recommendations please share.  We are only here for a hot one, but want to check out all the fun cool spots.  Turtle Bay + Lanikai Beach are on the list!!!





TWO – A complete miracle happened last night.  My Triangl swimsuit that was guaranteed to NOT arrive, ARRIVED!!  I could cry.  Maybe it had to do with the couple (few) calls I made to their customer service?!?!  Who cares…it’s here just in the nick of time.  I even overnighted a J.Crew bikini as my plan B, which is definitely going back now.  I’ve had my eye on a Triangl suit since last December!  This is a pretty big deal!!  These neoprene suits come straight from Australia.  The color combos are impossible to choose from.  Take a peek for yourself….


Can you guess which one is in that super cute backpack?




THREE – Pioneer Women is at it again!  Twelve days of boots!!  Do you play?  I do.  Every single year.  I’ve yet to win, but I’m feeling lucky.  Each day, for 12 days, Pioneer Women posts a pair of gorgeous boots.  All you have to do to enter to win a pair is answer one question.

If you win these boots, who will they go to?





So on….

Maybe I should start saying my Mom or Sister instead of Myself?  Probably have better chances of winning.  I think people like those sweet girls that give cute shit to their loved ones?

If you’re entering each day, like myself.  GOOD LUCK to you!!




FOUR – Omega Nu Ornament Exchange // Check out all those babes.  This isn’t even all of them either.  Our annual ornament exchange consisted of equal parts Serendipity Boutique + The White Barn + Boxwood Nursery.  Beautiful ornaments from all our downtown shops ♥

Although we have so many things in common, one that sticks out the most is our love for the community.  All our charitable efforts support amazing causes.  Assisting women and children in our local community, as well as fund scholarships for local high school students.  I bet you had no idea what we meet monthly for, did you?  Now you know that buying Denim and Diamonds tickets, donating to the coat drive, attending paint night and ordering a Cocktail for A Cause at Mojo’s (all December) goes right back to Woodland ♥



FIVE – I miss her already!!



Ps – I apologize for all the false blog posts yesterday.  For some reason every time I selected “schedule post” it published instead.  Pissed me off.  Now you know what to look forward to reading more about the next few days 🙂

Happy Friday!!


xoxo stacyb

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