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Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  Last week was a whirlwind of fun.  A week off of work.  And basically a week off of regular life.  So, as you can imagine – we are in maj catch up mode this week.  Work + life + activities….pretty much everything.  Ever need a vacation from your vacation?  I should have taken a photo of our fridge.  It’s empty.  Like I’ve never had a fridge so empty in my adult life.

Enough of that.  Let’s recap Seattle, WA.  Stover’s Wedding.  Sightseeing with my family and great friends.  Believe it or not, I hardly took any pictures.  WTF was I thinking?  I was so busy enjoying all the time with friends and family that I rarely took my phone out.  So these photos in this post are ALL I have.  Every single one of them.  Enjoyyyy…..

First off, go to Megan Wahlquist Photography and “like” her page.  You have to take a peek at all the gorgeous wedding photos from Stover’s photographer.  She did such an amazing job capturing the marriage + love of Sarah and JD.  I can’t wait to see all the photos.

Did you check out the photo above of the flower girl + ring bearer with the bride + groom.  I can’t handle it.  They killed it!!

Let’s chat about the weather.  The freakish beautiful weather.  I think all of us Cali peeps brought the sunshine with us.  It was unbelievable.


I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday.  So sleepy after our Sutter’s Fort trip.  Security took FOREVER…who knew you can travel with 2 dogs and 2 cats?  I saw it, you can.  For reals though.


But luckily I found my hommie at the airport bar 🙂  A glass of wine to ease my flying nerves.  Thanks Nerdie!!!


My Thursday morning view.  This is from the Lake House Stover’s family rented for the week.  This picture really doesn’t do it any justice.  The place was ah-mazing.  Views from every room.


Thursday morning we set off to run errands.  The Bride + her dress 🙂  Of course we stopped for a selfie along the way.  You guys, the flowers + plants in Seattle are out of this world beautiful.  Check out these blooming trees lining the streets.  I mean, come on.  There are just asking for a selfie, right?

And I cant forget the double-decker Target.  A cart escalator.  What the?  I’m from small town Woodland so this rocked my world.  LOL.  The cart hooks on and goes up or down the escalator next to you.  So damn cool.  I think Woodland needs one of these. ASAP!


Some of our besties flew in for the wedding.  So drinks were a MUST.  Love you girls!!!


Rachel’s Ginger Beer for the win.  Think moscow mules on tap.  And they didn’t skimp on the booze.  I was living proof 🙂


Thursday night I stayed with Sarah with the black hair + Rebecca.  Thanks for having me girls 🙂

We got up early, strapped on our Nikes and went for a 3 mile walk though Pike Place Market.


We stopped at the original Starbucks for fuel.  Have you ever been to the Original Starbucks?  It’s very modest.  Our Woodland Starbucks are more decked out than this one.  Being the mother store to over 20,000 (and counting) Starbucks, you’d expect something more.  The nostalgia of this 45 year old store is pretty cool.  It reeks of coffee.  Yummm.  We were lucky to visit the store around 6:30 am so there was no line.  Not typical.  The line normally wraps around Pike Place Market in the early afternoon with hundreds of tourist seeking this landmark.




My family flew in Friday morning.  I was so excited to show them all around Seattle.  My parents + Cory + Bailey.  Nick + Nidia too.


(Nick, Nidia, Rebecca, Sarah with the black hair, Mom, Dad, Me, Bailey + Cory)

We walked through Pike Place Market on our way to catch a Ferry to Bainbridge Island.

The Flowers get me every time.  Seattle tulips are off the chain.  They call peonies, double tulips?  Never heard of that before.  But I wanted them ALL.  See that large fish on the bottom right corner?  The guys in the fist market got us BIG.  Sarah, Rebecca and I all lean in to take a picture of the big ass fish with his tongue hanging out.  All the sudden the fish comes out at us.  I almost peed my pants.  Sarah ran.  Rebecca snorted…lol.  We laughed our asses off.  They said it was the best they’d done to date.  I guess the fish is on a string of some sort so they can scare the shit out of people who get close to take a picture.  Well done, well done.

We found the seat that Tom Hanks sat in on Sleepless in Seattle.  You can barely see the sign on the edge of the counter where Bailey is sitting.  It says ” Tom Hanks sat here”

And to the bottom right – I FINALLY saw fish being thrown.  I didn’t realize they really don’t throw the fish much at Pikes Place Market.  You have to ask.  Some of them say “we don’t throw food!!”  At the very end of the market, past the restaurant, we found the one that does.  They put on quite the show too.  Tourist gathered with iPhone in hand around this little fish stand.


We made it to the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.  We were total tourist.  Can’t you tell by Cory’s sexy sweatshirt around his waist?  Love you, Cory!!

Couple tidbit’s about Bainbridge Island:

  • in 2005 the island was named the 2nd best place to live in the United States
  • the island is approx 5 miles wide and 10 miles long
  • 35 minute ferry ride from Seattle
  • Bainbridge Island was named the Digital Capital of Washington

Check out the scenery behind us.  IMG_2189.JPG


The Space Needle ride up is 41 seconds to travel 520 feet in an elevator.  The 360 degree view is so rad.  Something everyone traveling to Seattle really needs to experience.

This was the cheesey photo they took of us, which I’m so happy we did!!

Space Needle.jpg

My Dad was such a wimp/afraid of heights (but this was his idea, mind you) he ordered us rounds of beers while we walked around outside the space needle…lol.


The only picture I personally took at the space needle. #blowingit

Click this link here for a cool web-site all about the Space Needle.

I think I forgot to mention, Comic-con was happening in Seattle over the weekend too.  Look at this chicks eyes.  Ewww.  They are solid white.  Her face is covered in makeup.  That is some dedication if you ask me.  Freaks everywhere.  Peeps looked at us like we were the weirdos 🙂


Saturday was the wedding day.  Stover + JD day.


Rebecca dolling up my girl.  She felt so special 🙂


The two of us ♥


Check out the Bride’s flowers.


But, first – we gotta take a selfie.  Maid of Honor + Bride.  Right before Stover met JD.


Here comes the bride.  Doesn’t Stover look gorg?

That’s JD under the tree in the middle on the right.  Stover at the bottom.  They told JD “when” and he turned around to see Stover.  It was so sweet.  I’m not sappy and I even got teary eyed 🙂

Then we were off to the venue to watch the love birds make their vows.  It was a beautiful day.  Congratulations Fischers!!


…..and then they lived happily ever after ♥

The End.

xoxo stacyb

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