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Halloween is right around the corner – 17 days to be exact.  That means there are only 17 days left in October…what the?!?!  Which also means 73 days till Christmas…YIKES! (sorry for the reminder)  Then 2015 is officially over.  I recently read The Happiness Project where the author Gretchen Rubin wrote “the days are long, but the years are short.”  I couldn’t agree more!

With Halloween in the air, I enjoy getting a little creative in packing a “fun” lunchbox.  Here’s what Bailey is lunching on today.  Pumpkin shaped chicken quesadilla + ranch for dipping + tortilla chips + cucumber + strawberries + oreo crunch yogurt.

Jack-O-Lantern quesadilla – using a paring knife, cut our your jack-o-lantern face.  I kept it simple.  Place your bottom tortilla in the frying pan and top with cheese and shredded chicken.  Once the cheese is melted, top with the jack-o-lantern cut-out tortilla.  Carefully flip in your pan to brown the front.  I stuck some green onions on top for the pumpkin stem.

I try to do a “fun” lunchbox about once a week.  It’s cute to hear how excited Bailey still gets.  One day, probably sooner than later, she will die of embarrassment when I try to do this.  I plan to keep it up as long as I possibly can!!

IMG_9530 (1)

Pottery Barn kids carries these super handy bento boxes.  They eliminate the need for plastic bags. 5 food compartments to keep food separated….anything with organizers make me happy 🙂  Fitting perfectly in the Pottery Barn Kids classic lunch bags.  BPA free and dishwasher safe make these bento boxes even that much more desirable.  They are currently $16.50 (always free shipping) and 20% off with the friends and family event promo.  For more Bento box ideas take a peek at my pinterest board here.


Spencer Bento Box Containers

I’ve been known to slip in a Lunchbox Love Note from time to time 🙂   Since we are in the Holiday spirit I snuck a Halloween joke in Bailey’s bento box today.  They are pretty cheesy, but obvi age appropriate.

“How can you tell a vampire likes baseball”

At night he turns into a bat. (insert lol)

I did these last year too and Bailey thought they were a kick in the pants.  She would remind me each morning to “make sure you put a joke in my lunchbox, Mom.”  I even stuck one in Cory’s lunch this morning.  I secretly think he digs it too.

Here is the sheet of luchbox jokes and the free printable link here.  Happy lunchbox joking.


Here’s just one more fun free printable we love to use year after year.  This Bucket List is basically all the Fall things you will most likely do anyway.  So why not check them off the “bucket list” as you go.


Fall Bucket List Printable

Happy Fall Y’all

xoxo stacyb

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  1. LOVE this 🙂 I love new, healthy, creative lunch ideas…I might have to stop reading your blog because your ideas are so cute I have already bought 2 pairs jammies and a pair of earrings 🙂
    super cute ….

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