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{tweens + phones…let’s chat about it}


Tween + phones.  Let’s chat about it…..

As I mentioned in {weekend notes} Bay now has service on her iPhone.  Bay already had the phone, but used iMessage to text + facetime audio to call while on WiFi.  Since Summer plans have her in camps + babysitting + all over town, it was time for actual phone service.  We need to be able to get a hold of each other anytime of the day.  She needs to be able to call or text family, especially my Mom (aka her Uber).  So, this was her 6th grade promotion gift.  Technically the gift that keeps giving…Ha!

But, with all this new-found freedom + technology I’m kinda freaking out!

Clearly Bailey has proven herself mature + responsibly enough.

I personally believe that a phone is more than just a piece of technology.  If used wrongly, it can become a weapon.  Even putting your safety at risk too.  That might sound dramatic.  And maybe I watch too much Dateline?  We all make mistakes and sometimes use poor judgement.

So, I feel like there needs to be some kind of agreement + rules that go along with such a big responsibility.

My question – what are your rules + restrictions with kids + phones?

I’ve set a few so far:

  • no calls/text to friends after 9 pm
  • respond to parents in a timely manner
  • if I see any rude/mean messages or responses….DONE!
  • WiFi whenever possible
  • NO social media (holding off as long as possible)
  • my thumbprint was added to unlock the phone
  • hand over the phone for me to spy on EVERYTHING
  • don’t ask me “where’s my phone”
  • breaking the rules results in losing the phone


About social media – I know we all have our own opinions about this.  I see both sides.  Bay and I talk about social media all the time.  I’m clearly on it more than I should be, not going to lie.  Guess the big thing for me is, I didn’t have it at her age.  It wasn’t around, obvi.  I’ve seen it affect Bay negatively without having any sort of personal account.  Then the other part of me thinks I need to chill-the-f-out.  Let her figure it out.  Such a tricky subject for me.

Help this mama out!  What am I missing friends?  Are there apps that you use to track your kids?  Or track usage?  Do you have a rule I should add?  What are your thought on social media and kids?


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4 thoughts on “{tweens + phones…let’s chat about it}

  1. Julia does not have a phone yet. It’s upstairs tucked away until she proves to us that she is responsible enough and accountable. I know through some phone services you can actually receive all her phone calls, email and texts. You see what she see’s. Although still check her phone because they will find other ways to communicate. Hold off on social media for as long as possible. That’s my 2 cents, good luck!

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