{50 things I have my mother to thank for}

This one goes out to my Mama!  Today is her birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!


50 Things I Have My Mother To Thank For…..

because it’s the little things that go a long way!

  1. Thank you for being you
  2. Because you’re pretty bad ass
  3. Thank you for your dedication to our family
  4. You’re the glue that holds us together
  5. Thank you for being the best Grammy
  6. Because my daughter loves you like a mother
  7. Thank you for wiping my tears
  8. And telling me everything will be ok
  9. Because “this too shall pass”
  10. Thank you for the hideous boy haircut back in the day
  11. It added character
  12. Thank you for your strength
  13. Because, little did you know, you gave that strength to me
  14. Thank you for understanding
  15. Even when it wasn’t the easiest
  16. Thank you for the wine nights
  17. I can always count on you to show up with a big ass bottle of yellow tail in hand
  18. Thank you for being my favorite country concert date
  19. Even when I got into my first fight at Miranda Lambert
  20. Thank you for making me the best turkey sandwich on earth
  21. Why are yours always better
  22. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes
  23. I only made like 1, right? 🙂
  24. Thank you for making me laugh
  25. Till we pee our pants….together
  26. Thank you for showing us good work ethic
  27. Thank you for Soul Food Sunday
  28. Welcoming anyone that walked in the door with us
  29. Thank you for not trying to be a cool mom
  30. But, actually being the cool mom
  31. Thank you for never missing a basketball or volleyball game
  32. Even though I was a bench warmer
  33. Thank you for sharing your love for Pope Beach with me
  34. I’d sit there with you any day of the week
  35. Thank you for your calming presence
  36. I still feel at ease when you walk through the door
  37. Thank you for always answering your phone no matter what time of day it is
  38. Thank you for always having such a positive outlook on life
  39. Thank you for dealing with my emotional roller coasters as a teenager
  40. And as an adult
  41. Thank you for always supporting my decisions
  42. Even the Ronald McDonald red hair color in high school
  43. Thank you for teaching me to love
  44. And comforting me when I was heartbroken
  45. Thank you for the hours of dressing room try on’s
  46. And hanging up everything after me
  47. Thank you for being my #1 fan in everything I do
  48. Even when my ideas are batshit crazy
  49. Thank you everything you do for my daughter
  50. Thank you for being my best friend


Mom, thank you for being the first person who ever loved me and for being the first person I ever loved.  I am honored to be your daughter!

Love you + Happy Birthday!!!



xoxo stacyb


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