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{friday 5}


It’s Friday BABY!  So ready for the weekend!  How about you?  My boss gave be a bottle of Chandon pinot noir.  If I had a bottle opener and a straw, I’d 100% open that shit up now at my desk!  For reals.  Honestly I didn’t even know Chandon made red wine, but I’m pumped to drink the bottle…I mean glass!

Friday 5 is live…..



ONE – Look what I found in my lunchbox!!!  Bailey always knows the best time to sneak in a little note to make my day.  I vow to wear this bracelet till it falls off ♥

FullSizeRender (3).jpg



TWO – “HOLY SHIT”  My response to the photos of this tree that fell on our Lake Tahoe cabin last week.  When I got these pictures I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My Mom + Aunt Penny spent the day in Tahoe cleaning everything up.  And I’m happy to report….there was minimal damage.  Just the deck railing needs to be replaced.  So, so crazy lucky!!  Thank god!



THREE – I always look forward to this PG&E report.  I’ve been in “Good” standings for months and finally made it back to “Great!”  Haha.  I know seems silly, but I get crazy satisfaction knowing that we are using less than efficient homes in Woodland.  My bill this month…..$54.91!  Can I get a whoop whoop!?!?  Mainly because it hasn’t been hot as balls and not colder than a witches tit to need the heater, but I’ll take it!  One time, just one time, I got my PG&E bill in the $40’s.  So obvi I’m challenging myself to do it again.  Less PG&E more J.Crew.  Make since, right?

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FOUR – Minus the exercising part, my eating has been atrocious.  For example, I cleaned out my fridge Thursday morning (garbage day clean-out) and almost died.  I realized that I had three pasta dishes in my fridge that I’ve been eating.  Tortellini soup, Thai pasta salad and baked ziti.  I went weeks with NO pasta. Zoodles were (clearly past-tense) my jam.  I have become a pasta whore.  I didn’t even notice till I threw all that shit away.  Since BRIK ended I’ve been so bad.  Last week, I told myself that I would get my shit together.  Nope!  This week I told myself that same shit.  My nose is growing.  Monday!  Monday is the day!  No more damn pasta.  Back to clean(er) eats.  Notice I say Monday?  Why?  I just bought everything to make chicken pot pies over the weekend….FML!





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