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{bailey texts}

This girl has my heart.  My whole heart ♥

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I was running late this morning.  Typical.  Bailey of course was ready and waiting in the car.  Most likely recording her 86th musically video of the week (she’s obsessed).  I was a total bitch.  Again, typical.  I didn’t pack lunches last night.  Decided to drink wine and watch Southern Charm instead.  Our Farm Fresh To You produce shipment was on the porch, full of ants.  To top it off, I’m having a really bad hair day…FUCK.


The text Bailey sent me this morning.  While I was running around the house like a crazy person trying to get out of the door.  I didn’t even see it till after I dropped her off.


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I wanted to turn around and give her a giant squeeze.  And tell her thank you for making my day.  Everyday!

Last week I received another Bailey text…this time from her teacher.  It made me cry, like always.




It’s amazing what a simple text can do to you day.  Moral of the story – send good morning texts.  Send xoxo’s.  Remember to tell your peeps that you dig them.  It can turn an otherwise pretty shitty day to a pretty damn good day 🙂

xoxo stacyb




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  1. <3 Bailey is a very special girl and YOU are a fantastic mom (and friend). Don't ever forget that B. Love you!

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