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{february | things I’m loving}

ONE | Starbucks Pistachio Cold Foam

My order: Grande Pike in a venti cup with pistachio cold foam. It’s such a treat! Try it. You can order it on any drink of choice. I bet it would be over a latte!

TWO | Better Days Greens

I am absolutely OBSESSED with Peach Limeade caffeinated greens. I legit crave them on the daily. It helps stop me from getting that snack attack in the afternoons. I stir my better days into ice water. Sometimes a La Croix over ice too. So, so good! Each serving is 1/2 of your daily greens for the day. With a little caffeine bonus. Just released – non-caffeinated artic pop which is rumored to taste just like a red, white and blue popsicle. And perfect for kids! I now have stocked at home the big Bulk Bag of Peach Limeade + Sticks of Peach Limeade for on the go. You can use my code: xoxostacyb for a discount at checkout!

THREE | Skims Robe

Skims Velour Wrap Robe was a very controversial purchase. I put up a poll on instagram stories and you guys either LOVE it or HATE it. Which tends to happen with higher priced items. I took a chance and I am soooo happy I did. I LOVE it. Note – I am a major robe girly pop. Wear a robe every single morning while I get ready. It’s incredibly soft and it feels so good when you slip it on after the shower. You just have to see it and touch it to really get it. Thanks Nidia, Sarah, Rachel and Toni – this was my birthday gift 🙂

FOUR | Casaluna Linen Spray

Turns out you guys dig it too. Casaluna Linen Spray was one of my top selling items in January. Made of essential oils, the scent is so crisp and clean. I spritz over my bedding each morning after I made my bed. Leaves my linens smelling extra fresh when I climb in at night.

FIVE | Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip

Bailey bought me this Scuba Oversized Funnel Neck Half Zip for my birthday and I love it. Embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve worn it. Goes to show – it’s worth the hefty price tag. This color is Sonic Pink and goes in and out of stock all day long. If you find it, grab it! Such a fun color for spring. The funnel neck is extra warn when zipped all the way up – perfect for my early morning dog walks.

SIX | My Fitness Pal App

One of the best FREE apps, other than Venmo – My Fitness Pal App. I use it daily. It’s a macro, diet and fitness tracker. Track progress toward your nutrition + water + fitness + weight loss goals. This all-in-one food tracker and health app is like having a nutrition coach, meal planner, and food diary with you at all times. I log each item I eat throughout the day. If I find a recipe, I can copy and past the URL and it will calculate + store the nutrition for easy logging. It’s also linked to my apple watch to sync my activity. I could go on and on!

SEVEN | Atomic Habits

Part of my 75 hard (you can read more about it here: {75 hard af}) is reading from a non-fiction book each day. And it has to be a physical book. Atomic Habits by James Clear, Although I rarely read more that the 10 pages, this book is a game changer. It’s eye-opening. I have already taken so many pieces from the book and use them in my everyday. The tiniest changes make the BIGGEST changes with time. And there is so much proof + examples that really make you think.

EIGHT | Anker Magnetic Battery

I originally bought the Anker Magnetic Battery for volleyball tournaments. Bailey took it to Disneyland too and it worked like a charm. Once it’s charged up, which I do the night before. You can stick it to the back of your phone and it sticks magnetically and changes your phone. No cords. Over 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Such a great purchase.

NINE | Elf Brow Lift

Still shocked that this product is $6 by e.l.f. I saw Emilie Kiser chat about this product and thought, no wayyyy. Yesss Wayyyy. It’s so good. I picked up the Brow Lift Gel + Brow Lift Applicator from Target – drive up 🙂 Per usual. Anyway, a little dab will do ya, so this should last a long ass time. I followed this Brow Tutorial: Emilie Kister Elf Brow Lift

Add it to your next amazon or Target order and let me know what you think!!

TEN | Podcast: On the Rocks with Olivia Noceda 

I started following Olivia Noceda on Instagram for Mocktail inspo when I began my sober journey. Then she started a podcast and OMG! She’s all about “Sober Curiosity” which I am so into right now. Her interviews are so good. But, today’s interview with Liz Moody (author of Healthier Together) resonated in a BIG way. If you find yourself “curious” I highly recommend listening to this episode: Staying Sparkly, Sober, and Confident with Liz Moody

They dive into:

  • The rise in popularity of “sober curious” lifestyles.
  • Health benefits of reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption and the impact on mental health
  • The social aspects of alcohol-free living and how it can help you tap into your true self
  • Liz’s personal travels through life and how she came to sobriety
  • The business side of alcohol-free living
  • The ritualistic needs that are within all of us
You can click on the images below to go directly to the item for more info or to purchase.

xoxo stacyb

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