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{75 hard af}

The 75 Hard Rules

After reading the about program over and over again, I finally decided to give it a go….

Andy Frisella 75 Hard Program

I will complete 75 hard on March 23rd. The night before I hit 1 year of sobriety. We will be in Vegas for the Taylor Swift concert. And I cannot wait to feel my very best mentally + physically!!!

Frisella says the rules of 75 Hard are simple, but that doesn’t mean the plan is easy.

There are five daily tasks (plus one over-arching rule!) which much be executed consistently for the entire 75 days.

ONE // If you skip a day, you must start over. If you miss a task, you must start over at day one. “You cant tweak the program to your liking … it’s supposed to be inconvenient and it’s supposed to be hard,” said Frisella. “In life, conditions are never going to be perfect; you’re always going to have to do things that you don’t want to do and the minute you start tweaking or compromising, that’s what opens the door to quitting.”

TWO // Pick a diet to follow, with no alcohol or cheat meals. You must choose a diet based on your goals and stick to it. But there’s a second caveat to the rule: No cheat meals and no alcohol. In a culture that depends on after-work drinks or wine once the kids are in bed, Frisella acknowledges the difficulty of this task. “Not a drop. Not a beer. Not a wine. Not a glass when you get home. Nothing for at least 75 days,” he said. “There’s a number of reasons for this: Empty calories, psychological addiction, physical addiction. Also, we’re talking about detoxing your body for 75 days … You don’t understand how foggy you are because of this (alcohol-drinking) lifestyle.”

THREE // Drink a gallon of water daily. “Make sure you start early and be consistent throughout the day so that you’re not chugging a gallon of water before you go to bed,” Frisella said, which, he admits, he had to do a few times himself.

FOUR // Complete 2 daily workouts. One of the most time-consuming parts of 75 Hard is the workouts: Two 45-minute workouts of your choice must be completed per day and one of those workouts must be done outside, regardless of the weather. “This is the point of the program — conditions are never perfect,” said Frisella. “And one of the reasons that most people can’t get through life in an effective way is because the minute conditions are tough, they throw the towel in on their plan.”

FIVE // Read 10 pages per day of a non-fiction book. “This is not entertainment time, this is not ‘Harry Potter’ time, this is learn new stuff time,” Frisella explained. “The book has to be a self-development book of some kind and it has to be for personal growth.” He also stresses that it needs to be a physical book, not an e-book you read on your phone or tablet.

SIX // Take a progress photo every day. “This is not just to show your physical transformation … once you start getting some progress, fitness or business or anywhere else, you start to forget the little details as you go,” said Frisella. These photos will help you remember the daily progress of your journey, he said. He also encourages people to take photos that show their body, recognizing that this may be difficult, but that these photos are for you only and don’t need to be posted.

Here is how I am personally tackling this program…..

I have this checklist saved in the notes section on my phone. And I just check everything off the list as I go. Starting with the ones I struggle with the most.

ONE // If you skip a day, you must start over | I have completed each task every single day. And that is by far the hardest task of all!

TWO // Pick a diet to follow, with no alcohol or cheat meals | I am tracking all my food, water and exercise though the My Fitness Pal app. Other than Venmo, this is probably the best free app. It’s easy to use. Easy to set up goals. Using your personal info, the app calculates your daily calories/macros. I log every single thing I consume throughout the day. I pre-log the night before so I know exactly what I am eating the next day to stay on track. I am in a caloric deficit. Followed with Intermittent fasting during the work week. When you’re not drinking alcohol, you can eat wayyy more food…lol.

THREE // Drink a gallon of water daily | 128 oz = 3.2 Stanley cups. I add ice in the morning, so I drink 4 Stanley cups per day. I also have reminders on my phone that go off to remind me incase I’m slacking. I drink 1 Stanley before I leave for work in the morning. 2 during work. And the final the remainder of the day. Typically I will fill it up one more time in the evening too. I end up spending half my day peeing, so that keeps me pretty busy.

FOUR // Complete 2 daily workouts | I walk Charlie for 45 minutes each day and she freaking LOVES it. As soon as I put on my outdoor walking shoes, she knows it’s go time. Then another 45 minutes – I try to knock out in the morning at the gym or on my peloton bike. I don’t mind this task at all and really enjoy it.

FIVE // Read 10 pages per day of a non-fiction book | My most dreaded task. I am an audio book lover. So turning actual pages and reading is not my jam. This is the task I knock out each day while I eat lunch. The days I have to read in the evening are the worst. My eyes want to close and half the time I end up re-reading the pages the next day. Currently reading: Atomic Habits. Although I rarely read more than 10 pages per day, I am really enjoying the book. For my next book, I just ordered: Do Less.

SIX // Take a progress photo every day | I take a photo each morning before I leave for the gym. This is the easiest and most annoying task of the day. Knock it out first thing and move down the list.

I think that about wraps it up. If you have any questions about the program – hit me up! I am an open book.

xoxo stacyb

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