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{new years eve cioppino}

If you want to impress your family or homies with a dinner they’ll be talking about….keep reading!!

2019 is officially right around the damn corner.  4 days and counting ūüéä

Did you know that fish is believed to be a “lucky” food to eat on New Year’s Eve? Fish scales resemble coins. And fish swim in schools.  Which invoke the idea of abundance.

So, if you too, are banking on 2019 being your year of health + wealth…I suggest you eat a shit-ton of seafood on December 31st, like myself.

Cory whipped up a cioppino the other night (I was his trusty sous chef) and it knocked our socks off.  It’s a little hoity-toity for a weeknight dinner.  So save this one for a weekend where you’ve got a table full of your favorite peeps ‚̧ԳŹ

Cioppino is a seafood stew originating from the good ol City by The Bay, San Francisco.  It’s an Italian-American dish using a sauce consisting of tomatoes + wine + loads of spices.

Served along side warm crusty bread for sopping up all the delicious broth.

Although cioppino is impressive in appearance, it’s a fairly simple recipe to execute.

Pour yourself a big glass of wine.  Pull out the biggest stock pot you own.  And get to making THE best pot of fisherman’s stew.


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{friday 5}


Top // Denim // Flats

FRIIIIDAYYYYY!¬† You guys, there is only one more Friday left in 2018!¬† So NUTS!¬† What’s on the agenda today?¬† Shopping? Wrapping?¬† I have finally completed my Christmas shopping.¬† Miracles do happen…HA!¬† Just patiently waiting for the final packages to arrive….with my fingers crossed.¬† I got up super early this morning.¬† Turned on the Christmas tree lights.¬† Made a cup of coffee.¬† And had a serious wrapping sesh.¬† The UPS delivery guy dropped of more packages at 6am…and they are officially wrapped and under the tree.¬† 4 more sleeps till Christmas!

How great is it having a full weekend before the Holiday madness hits?¬† We have a couple more {christmas traditions} to mark off the list.¬† Then I foresee, lots of lounging and hanging out at home.¬† Which I’m so looking forward too.

ONE – Target Top // I walked into Target the other day….how many sentences have I started like that…lol!¬† So, I walked in.¬† Spotted this Who What Wear top out of the corner of my eye.¬† Straight up got out of the long ass customer service line (I was like 2 peeps from being next).¬† And grabbed the top!¬† In the meantime about 38 people got in line in front of me.¬† But, I got the top!¬† And that’s all that really matters.¬† It’s super cute guys.¬† Get one!

Leopard V-Neck Button-Up Blouse



TWO – Mary Poppins Returns // Last night my Mom, Bay and I went to see the new Mary Poppins movie.¬† You guys, it’s so good.¬† Stick it on your list of things to do while your kids are on Winter break.¬† I was a little bummed they didn’t sing a Spoonful of Sugar though.¬† Now I need to get my hands on the original.¬† Bay doesn’t think she’s ever seen it.

Watch the trailer here: Mary Poppins Returns Trailer


THREE – Starbucks “Coldbuster” drink //

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{christmas traditions}



Christmas traditions are what make the Holiday season magical.¬† Everyone I know has something they do each Christmas.¬† Whether it’s opening 1 gift Christmas Eve.¬† Reading The Night Before Christmas at bedtime.¬† Baking something extra sweet for Santa.

Here are some of our favorite traditions including a few new ones we’re adding to our list…..

* Christmas Pajamas // for the whole fam bam if you can get them on board

* Winters Tractor Parade // this year we checked out the tractor parade for the first time.¬† It’s pretty cute!

* Elf on the Shelf // this is purely for bribery!¬† Last year I did weekly Elf On The Damn Shelf ideas…remember that?

* Caroling at GG’s // our whole (very large….23 great grand kids large) family goes to GG’s house and sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs.¬† I made Christmas Carol books that we’ve used each year.¬† You can print one from this blog post:¬†{christmas caroling}

* The Night Before Christmas // reading this book at bedtime Christmas Eve.  This one is our favorite: The Night Before Christmas

* Christmas Ornament // I started the Hallmark Mary’s Angel collection for Bailey years ago.¬† Each year Hallmark releases a new Angel.¬† We’ve got quite the collection and Bay cherishes them!¬†¬†Mary’s Angels Allium

* Home Alone // watching our favorite Christmas movie on repeat.¬† I have it saved on our DVR so we tend to watch it year round.¬† What’s your top Christmas movie?¬† Oh and by the way, Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie….if you ask me.¬† Cory will disagree.

* The Pickle Ornament // hiding the pickle on the Christmas tree Christmas Eve.  Who ever finds it gets a special gift.  And rumor has it, whoever finds the pickle, will have 1 year of good luck!  The Christmas Pickle

* Gram’s Christmas Breakfast // my Mom has made the same Christmas morning breakfast for as long as I can remember.¬† With a mimosa in hand, there is no better breakfast!

* Hang Mistletoe // it’s felt, but it does the trick.¬† And trick everyone that comes over into walking under it.¬† It’s on sale for $3 too:¬†Felt Mistletoe

* Christmas Tree Hunt // this year we cut down a tree in the Eldorado National Forrest.¬† Trekking through the snow searching for the perfect tree was such a good time, we vowed to do it every year.¬† And the trees are $10…can’t beat that.¬† You can read more about it here:¬†{weekend notes}

* Letters To Santa // this is the second year we haven’t hosted this fun night.¬† Unfortunately kids grow out of traditions that were started when they were little kids.¬† I miss it though.¬† I went back to the archives and found photos from 2016: {weekend notes}¬†+ 2015:¬†{weekend notes}¬† Be still my heart ‚ô•

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{stocking stuffers}

Anyone else leave stocking stuffers for last?¬† Every.Single.Time!¬† Then run around like a chicken with its head chopped off looking for all the things….in all the picked over + over crowded stores?

Me too!!!

And we get zero credit for all the damn hustle.¬† You’re welcome, Santa!

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…’ve officially got 6 days to make shit happen.¬† Runnn!

Step #1: stick a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge.

Step #2: order everything possible thing you can on for an in-store pick-up #lifesaver

Step #3: when all else fails….buy lots + lots of candy.¬† I’ve never heard a kid complain about sweets.

Step #4: drink that chardonnay and give yourself a pat on the back!


I’ve got you’re back boo!¬† Keep scrolling….I’ve rounded up some fun goodies to help a sister out.¬† Some items are re-runs from the {tween gift guide} but are totally perfect for a stocking stuffer too!


Knit Stocking // F Bomb // Sheet Mask //¬†String Lights //¬†Glitter Polish // Lash Primer // Mascara //¬†No-Show Socks //¬†Velvet Pencil Case // Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seed


Crafting the perfect stocking doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.¬† There is a science behind putting together a good one though.¬† The perfect amount of sweets!¬† #chocolate¬† Unique small trinkets.¬† Something to wear.¬† And an item off the kiddo’s wish list.

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{diy trader joes arrangement}


Happy Tuesday friends!¬† If you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around like a wild women.¬† So, let’s keep it short and sweet.

Remember how I keep saying I’m craving minimal + simple decor?¬† Not a lot of color.¬† Natural.¬† Greenery.¬† Clean.


Marble Top Coffee Table //  Sunday Suppers Book // Candle Wick Trimmer //  Candle: Sweet Citrus // Mercury Glass dish

I was playing around with some ornamental cabbage I picked up from Trader Joe’s last week.¬† By the way, it’s only $4.99!!¬† And I was in TJ’s yesterday and they’ve got enough for everyone.¬† I kept sticking the long stalks in a vase and just wasn’t loving it.¬† So I chopped the stems and stuck them in a salad bowl.¬† Grabbed some seeded eucalyptus that I had in a vase.¬† Popped it all around the base.

And it was magic.  I fell in love with it.  This simple arrangement meets my checklist of needs: clean + minimal + natural + green.

Not to mention it cost me $8.¬† Trader Joe’s has hands down, the BEST flower section I’ve ever seen.¬† And right now it’s better than ever.

You could always add some flowers.  Hydrangea would be beautiful.  Or even babies breath.


Marble Top Coffee Table //  Sunday Suppers Book // Candle Wick Trimmer //  Candle: Sweet Citrus // Mercury Glass dish

Here’s what you do:

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{weekend notes}


Cocoon Cardigan  // Vintage Tee // Denim // Flats // Leather Tote // Sunnies


One week left till Christmas.¬† ¬†Are you one of those freaks that’s all ready?¬† Haha…I used to be one of those freaks, till this year.¬† Or are you like me, and still searching for the perfect gift for the peeps on your list?¬† I’m getting there….slowly.¬† I’m hosting our girls Hand + Foot card night, which I came to realize was a blessing in disguise.¬† It really lit the fire under my ass.¬† I finally set our table.¬† Finished decorating for Christmas.¬† Hosting makes you do all the things you’ve been putting off.¬† So, I really have my card girls to thank for getting me a little more into the Holiday spirit.


Intentions for the Week:

  • get all my wrapping done
  • host hand + foot cards night
  • make a shaved brussels sprouts cesar salad
  • take Bay to see Mary Poppins
  • ornament exchange with girlfriends
  • get blonde AF
  • share a simple everyday centerpiece
  • stocking stuffer gift guide
  • drive around town to look at Christmas lights
  • slow the fuck down!


Highlights from the weekend……

Friday evening Bay + I got fresh mani’s.¬† Then got Bay ready for her first middle school formal.

And off she went.¬† With a full face of makeup…..Looking like a 15-year-old.


While Bay was whoopin it up at the dance, I went home.¬† Got in my Pj’s.¬† Poured a big glass of wine.¬† And made my¬†{asian turkey + green beans}


I have been in a weird cooking frenzy.

Lori Carrion’s Spiced Nuts were made first thing Saturday morning.¬† This a great recipe for gifting.¬† Pour some in a cellophane bag and stick in an initial mug.¬† Or gift them on their own…so good.


and breakfast sandwiches.¬† I picked up hash brown patties, like McDonald’s.¬† Yumm.¬† I baked them and they turned out so good.¬† Just a little carb loading before we headed to the city.


There’s a million other things we should have been doing Saturday, but instead we ditched ALLLL responsibility and went to the city.¬† Best decision!


I gave Bay the option of going or staying home….and I was so happy she chose to come with us.¬† I know one day we’re not going to be fun anymore, so I’m soaking up all these fun day trips.

It was a gorgeous day in the city too.  We got to mark everything off our list to do + see.


lavender latte at Home Cafe  reminded me when Sara first introduced me to them in Ojai ♥ {ojai // travelogue part #2 }


Bay had her first latte and went with the birthday cake!


Then to the beach, always the beach.  The news called for huge storm waves, so naturally we wanted to check that shit out.


Palace of Fine Arts, just because we stumbled on it as we were heading into the marina.


Crazy beautiful architecture.


I got some questions about my cocoon cardigan…it’s back in stock so get your hands on one before they sell out again!!

Woven Patterned Cocoon Cardigan – Universal Thread


Cocoon Cardigan  // Vintage Tee // Denim // Flats // Leather Tote // Sunnies

Here are all the outfit details….you can click on the images to be directed to the retailer…..

  Woven Patterned Cocoon Cardigan РUniversal Thread


The Tipsy Pig

Cory and I have been stopping here from the beginning.¬† I can’t tell you how many strawberry fields we’ve consumed over the years…lol.


So we took Bay to our old stomping grounds.¬† Back on our “kids free” weekends.¬† The outdoor area is so prefect.¬† If you’re planning on making a trip to SF, add this spot to your list.


The Fairmont is our favorite.

Last February we stayed at the Fairmont for the weekend.¬†{weekend notes} It’s fucking magical.¬† The best customer service.¬† The hotel is gorgeous.¬† And the flags, I just love all the flags at the entrance.


My dream……

Bubbles for days!


We make a Fairmont stop each Holiday season to take a peek at the giant life-size gingerbread house.¬† It’s a tradition.¬† And I was so happy that Bay was still totally down for it.


You can walk though it.  And it legit smells like gingerbread.

Fairmont San Francisco’s talented culinary and engineering teams have joined forces to meticulously plan construction of this year’s enormous Gingerbread House, which will be even larger than last year’s stunning, two-story-high Victorian! Once complete, the impressive, edible abode will stand more than 25 feet high, 35 feet wide and 10.5 feet deep and will feature more than 6,000 house-made gingerbread bricks (largest bricks to date), 1,650 pounds of candy and 3,300 pounds of royal icing. The gingerbread house’s railroad track also delights guests of all ages, who happily gaze upon this favorite feature.


The Top of the Mark

What you didn’t see in my stories, was that we waited in line for 30 minutes at the Mark Hopkin to get up to the 19th floor, Top of the Mark.

Worth it!¬† Bay and I have been, Cory had not.¬† The penthouse lounge provides 360 degree panoramic views of the city.¬† It’s hard to tell, but to the right of my wine glass is the Golden Gate Bridge.¬† Right outside the window from our table.¬† Perfect place for a happy hour drink + Shirley temple + snack.¬† They open at 4:30pm, so you get to watch the sunset!


Bay taking in the view, while Cory + I #chardsohard


Union Square or bust….

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{diy blanket ladder}


knit stockings (on sale) // sting lights // mercury glass garland 

Anyone else living life without a fireplace?

Where in the H-E-double hockey sticks to you hang your stockings?

I’ve tried our armoire…but, let’s be real, I don’t want anything blocking Vanderpump Rules.¬† And moving the stockings each time I want to watch the tube…nahh!¬† I’m good.

How does Santa get into your house?¬† When Bay was about 4-ish years old we had to leave a key to our house tied around the door knob…on the outside.¬† ¬†Beaucse we didn’t have a chimeny back then either.¬† I’m telling you, the stuggle is real.

Last year I said fuck it, and didn’t hang stockings at all.¬† It was kinda sad, really.

Christmas morning I chucked Bay’s stocking across the living room floor next to the tree.¬† DONE!


knit stockings // sting lights // mercury glass garland 

This year though, I vowed to hang the damn stockings.¬† I mean, let me be 100% honest….the ol man comes down the chimney (I mean front door…remember – NO fireplace lol) in 12 days and we still don’t have a single ornament on our tree.¬† I did tie a pretty bow on the top.¬† And strung about 2 grand lights.

I’ve got this weird minimal Christmas vibe that I can’t shake.¬† I want everything to be clean and simple.

But, I really, really wanted a place to stick our stockings.



I went to Pinterest and searched “ways to hang stockings” and about 8,237 DIY blanket ladders popped up.¬† Some say $10 ladder.¬† Or you don’t need a man to make this.¬† Others said, just buy the damn ladder and call it a day.¬† I pinned about 25.¬† You can check them out here:¬†DIY blanket ladder Pinterest


I printed them all out.¬† Waited till Cory was in a really good mood….about 5 bud lights deep, then showed him my idea.¬† We was on the fence….haha.

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{tween gift guide}


Caboodle // Beats headphones // Chromebook // Letter Board // Instax Camera // Hydro Flask // Lighted Makeup Mirror


Scratching your head for ideas on what the hell to get your tween?¬† If somehow the teenager in your life made their way to the top of the “nice list” and deserve some good stuff Christmas morning, I got you!¬† With the help of my very own 12 year old, we’ve rounded up some tween approved gift ideas that they will enjoy unwrapping.¬† Just as much as you will enjoy gifting them.¬† And let’s be real…the older they get, the trickier gift giving gets.

Here’s to happy smiles Christmas morning.¬† And gifts they’ll actually keep…Ha!


 Santa Lettering Gift Wrap  // Gold Scissors // String lights

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