{eyelet sweatshirt}


It’s Hump Day…..unfortunately not Friday.  Even though it feels like it should be Friday.  Anyone else?  All day yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday.  I wrote it.  Almost screwed up some plans.  Then I realized it was Taco Tuesday, and that made it a little better.

Speaking of Taco Tuesday, Maria’s Cantina stepped up their Taco Tuesday game.  The normal 2 Woodland Tacos + Modelo for $5 have a new partner.  2 Woodland Tacos + Margarita for $10!  And the bartender can also make a mean skinny, skinny marg too!  You’re welcome.


You guys…..

TOMORROW is the first day of March!  We are inching closer and closer to Spring.

20 days to be exact.  The countdown has begun.

I’m dreaming of Spring.  And all things Spring.  Nothing beats the onset of Spring.  Am I right?

And how about this scallop eyelet trim sweatshirt?  It’s perfection.  Crisp white.  Feminine eyelet detail.   Keyword: ON SALE!

I put this sweatshirt on and fell in love ♥

I can’t wait till it warms up just a little and I can pop this on with a pair of cut-off shorts + sandals.

But, until then, I’ll be rocking it with warm jeans + closed toed shoes…lol.

40% off now through Sunday.  No code needed!

Comes is grey too!

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{chicken teriyaki casserole}

Last week Bay was craving chicken teriyaki.  Every time I asked her “what sounds good” chicken teriyaki!!

Wait, is it teriyaki chicken or chicken teriyaki?   Hold on, let me google it.

Accroding to google, it’s teriyaki chicken.  But, I think I like chicken teriyaki better, so we’re just gonna go with it, K?

Anyway, where was I going…….

Ok, I’m not a big teriyaki fan.  Doesn’t it always feel like a sodium overload?  Or is that just me?  I googled it.  Again!  Found a bunch of recipes.  Made my own spin on this dish after reading about 4 similar recipes.  And it was killer.  It doesn’t taste like a salt lick….lol!  Bay was pumped.  I almost polished it off for lunch the remaining of the week.

I’d say that’s a winner winner chicken dinner.

Sorry, I had to 🙂


This dish is crowd pleasing.  Super easy to make.  You get all your food groups.  Healthy-ish.  And great leftovers!

Did I mention this feeds an army?  I dedicate this one to all my girlfriends with #hellakids

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{weekend notes}


Hi Friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Bay + I kicked it hard.  Together.  Like we never left eachothers sight.  It was the best!  Slow mornings.  Extra cup of coffee.  Pie for breakfast….for Bay.  Early bedtimes.  With some adventures mixed in.  We need more go with the flow style weekends.  Together ♥


Intentions for the week:

  • Cook with bok choyUm yummm
  • Log food into My Fitness Paldid it!!!
  • Plan + pack for snowshoeingso fun
  • In bed by 10 pmneed to do this more! 
  • Craving stir-frymade it…blogged it. 
  • Pre-blog + schedule posts for next weekTJ’s week went down!
  • Work on TJ’s recipesso many recipes 
  • Get packed for Alliance Redwoodssurvived 
  • Lunch date with Nicole ♥always a treat
  • Prepare for March sugar cleansestarting MONDAY the 12th!
  • Stay out of the Girl Scout Cookies – epic FAIL!


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……



We celebrated Nidia’s 36th birthday!

Missing Rachel in this picture.


Dinner at Father Paddy’s

Who knew how fun Friday nights are right here in Woodland?



We were all pleasantly surprised at how great all our food was.  When you can make all 5 chicks at a table happy, that’s saying a lot!

I will for sure go back!


Tips bathroom selfies.

This top was sitting on my front porch when I got home from work.  I had about 2 minutes to get ready.  Slipped it on a was out the door.

TOP SHOP Cutwork Balloon Sleeve Blouse


El Charro for cantaritos.  Next time I’m ordering that big ass $100 one.  Ha!


Bay is still obsessed with snap chat filters.  This is me trying to drive and get in the snap…lol!


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{friday 5}


Happy last Friday of February.  Cray, right?  Ready for the weekend?  Me too!  We don’t have much planned and I’m really looking forward to sleeping in and going with the flow.  I was busy marking things off my list this week.  My BIG to-do list.  You know, that one with all the big adulting things.  Got a new windshield…finally.  Mine has been cracked for over a year.  Ha.  True story – Bay + I wear sunglasses when we go through the car wash, because one time I envisioned the windshield shattering in our faces.  Yet, I didn’t replace it?   We just wear sunglasses…problem solved….lol.   I got a new phone.  If you know me, then you know it’s been long overdue.  We are currently working on naming him.  It’s a silver phone, which seems so masculine.  So, we’re calling it a him.  Scheduled an Edward Jones appointment.  Wheeled and dealed with Dish for a lower monthly payment….it always works.  Try it!  Skipped the gym this morning and deep cleaned my house from 5am – 7am.  Rollin into the weekend with a clean house is a must!  It feels so damn good.  Anyway, now that all that adulting is out-of-the-way, I’m ready to get this weekend started!!!

5 things on my mind……


ONE – TJ’s Haul + Menu // What would you guys think about me sharing my TJ’s haul and weekly menu?  Basically giving you a grocery list and recipes.  Showing you how I use all the fun finds from Trader Joe’s.  From breakfast to lunch and dinner ideas.  The cauliflower crust pizza I made this week.  Did you see it in my instagram stories?  That one will for sure be first up.  Ohhh, and how about halibut tacos with TJ’s delish green goddess salad dressing + roasted corn salad?

Back to my question…..

Is that something you all would be interested in?  I’m thinking about possibly dedicating a week to it.  Which will be a lot of work for my ass.  Ha!  But, for you, I’d do it.  If you’re into that kind of thang!



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{universal thread at target}

Do you know what I love?  Long walks down each isle at Target.


That’s what I love.  HA!  Sometimes I even write it on my calendar.  Like a date!  A date with Target.  And I have a feeling I’m not the only one doing this?!?!

I designate a lunch break to Target.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever designated a lunch break (almost every week) to anything or anyone else.

Target, you’re my boo!

But, what I really want to chat about today is the new-ish clothing line at Target.

Universal Thread


Have you checked it out yet?  They’ve got some good stuff!  So, if you’re trying to “be good” I suggest you don’t mosey you’re happy little self to the women’s clothing section.


Here’s a peak at what I’ve purchased + what I’ve got my eye on…..

I wore this exact outfit to Madewell the other day and got stopped multiple times.  Chicks in the store thought I bought my top and shoes from Madewell.  Nothing better than saying, Nope – Target.  $20!  Ha.

Then I had a long covo with some of the gals working at Madewell.  We started talking about the Universal Thread line and ALL agreed on one thing.  They totally copied Madewell.  Which, for us, is a really GREAT thing.  I’m sure as hell not mad about it.  You can get Madewell style for a Target price tag.

All the pieces are simple.  Clean lines.  Well constructed.  Universal (hence the name).  I’d say more classic than trendy.


Top // Levi’s ($39) // Shoes 

Striped Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt – Universal Thread™ Cream

This top is effortlessly cute.  It’s a classic striped button-down shirt.  Tied at the wait.  Tucked in.  Unbuttoned with a cami underneath.   I’ve tried it all three ways and love them all equally.  I gave mine one extra sleeve roll too.


Only downfall…..

It comes out of the wash completely mangled.  And you know how I feel about ironing, right?  I don’t do it.

After reading over and over about how much Lisa at Salty Lashes LOVES her steamer.  I ordered one with my Christmas giftcards.

Say hello to my new best friend.  The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer.


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{peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats}

Let’s do a little Bay update.  It’s been a while….

A couple of weeks ago, Bay decided to switch to English horse riding lessons.  After riding western since she was 4 years old.  Bitter sweet.  I loved watching her ride at the Junior Rodeo roping + pole bending.  But, she’s convinced that English is what she’s passionate about.  I think all those years of watching The Saddle Club got to her 🙂

Bay worked her first horse show last weekend at Stallion Station.  She still cannot stop talking about it.  Bay will be riding in the next horse show and I’m pretty sure she’s daydreaming about it right this very second.  Her love for horses is one of my favorite things.  As she’s grown, it’s never faded once.  After the show, her riding trainer gave her + Ruby (Bay’s bestie) a horse necklace, which she hasn’t taken off.  Even to sleep.

We talk about middle school daily.  All the things that will change.  What friends will be at the school.  What kind of backpack do middle schoolers rock?  Can I take zero period?  All the electives.  Leadership!  All the lunch options.  It’s mind-blowing for an 11-year-old girl.  I remember middle school being a huge change with EVERYTHING.  Nervous + crazy excited for my girl to experience it all.

Bay is wearing rubber bands on her braces.  Is that how you say it?  She’s to wear them for 22 hours a day.  Basically only taking them off at meals and teeth brushing.  They are kinda tucked in the back so you really can’t see them.  Which makes me forget she has them.  Until she digs her fingers in her mouth to pop them off at each meal…lol.  Then lay them on her plate.  Makes me wanna gag.  But, I’m so proud of the fact, I don’t EVER have to remind her about them.  She’s never forgotten them.  Man, she’s becoming so responsible.

Last month I convinced Bay to chop her hair off with me.  That sounds funny.  We didn’t chop our hair off..lol.  Allison, our hair queen, chopped our hair off.  I promised that I wouldn’t bother her to cut her hair, other than a trim here and there, till summertime.  DEAL!  It’s so dang cute, except Bay instantly looks so much older with shoulder length hair.

Bay gave up YouTube for lent.  This is a BIG deal for a tween, let me tell you.  She’s been doing great!  No slip ups yet, but it’s only been 1 week.  Me, on the other hand, I’ve been terrible.  Getting better little by little.  The F bomb struggle is real!

She’s still such a mama’s girl and I absolutely LOVE that.  I really hope she stays this way forever!!!

And last, Bay is still whipping up sweet creations all.the.time.



So, today, I’m going to share a new one.  Peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats.

Say that 5 times fast…lol!

Bay found this while searching the internet for something to satisfy her sweet tooth with ingredients we had on hand.  This recipe is from Joy The Baker.

Which is one of my personal baking idols.  Her creativity in the kitchen is crazy inspiring.

These rice krispie treats have been recreated 3 times in our house.  THREE TIMES!!

So, so good!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{record player setup}

Hi friends!  I’ve had DM after DM asking for more info on my record player.  So, you better believe I’m going to write a post about it!!

You know I’m all about sharing All.The.Things!




Record players have always fascinated me.  There is just something about flipping from side A to B and watching them spin.  It’s also incredibly relaxing.  As is with any music, I get it.  It’s a total novelty, I know, but I just love it!

I remember blasting Prince at the Roberts house on their parents record player back in the 90’s.  Dancing + singing at the top of our lungs.

I want to do the same thing with Bay.  I’m so crazy thankful we both have a deep love for music ♥

I did a some research.  Googled it!

Without spending a grip, I wanted something to begin with.  Something that worked well.  Something I could use my Bose bluetooth speaker with.  Something simple.  Something pretty!


Which brought me to the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

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