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{ruffles + cargos}


You really do!

Happy Hump Day friends!

Did you catch the cool moon this morning?  Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon + Blue moon triple threat!  First time all three have been visible in the US since 1866!  I debated on skipping the gym and sleeping in, but thanks to the moon, I up at 4:30am.  I couldn’t miss checking it out.  And since I was up, I’d better get my ass to the gym too!  So BIG thanks Moon!

In case you missed it click on the link below and check it out:

Lunar Eclipse, Supermoon, Blue Moon

Back to my regularly scheduled rambling……

Last Sunday the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day.  So, naturally I pulled out all the new Spring pieces that I’ve been gathering.  Remember when I told you that I was 100% done with wintery clothes?  I wasn’t messing around.  I planned out 4 new outfits that I can’t wait to pull-off.  I love having outfits pre-planned…especially when its new cute finds.

Now I just have to wait for some 80’s to hit and I’ll be rollin in flip-flops + one shoulders.

Have you checked out this weekend/next week weather forecast?  Can I get an amen!!!

Image-1 (3).png

First up….this top!


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{shaved brussels sprout salad}


I’m really into salads right now.  I go through salads kicks from time to time and eat them every. single. day.  Then I get so burnt out. Currently they are my jam.  Especially trying out different ingredients other than plain ol mixed greens like I tend to reach for.

I got a new one for you today.  It’s quick + easy + so fresh!

This was also approved by my Mom ♥

Always leaving her a Tupperware full of a new recipes to try out and give me her review.

Raise your hand if you’re a Trader Joe’s lover?

Sometimes, I spend my entire lunch break walking up and down the isles browsing all the beautiful food.  Ha.  I really do.  Then you can’t forget to grab a bunch of stems on your way out.  It’s a must!

They legit have the best ingredients + produce.  So many hidden gems.  I follow TJ’s on instagram and they’ll share a new item.  You bet your ass I’m making a trip that week to grab that item and try it out.

Anyway, this is another TJ’s recipe!  I gathered all my ingredients from Trader Joe’s.  I’m sure you can find shaved brussels sprouts + romano caesar dressing other places too.


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{weekend notes}

Image-1 (2).png

Bay’s home!!  Bay’s home!  All is well in my world again!  We went to bed early.  Woke up even earlier.  Ready for the week.  Don’t you hate it when peeps are all peppy on a Monday?  Me too, ha!  But, I’m totally feelin it today.  So I’ve got to take advantage of it while it lasts.


Intentions for the week:

  • Survive the work weekbarley 
  • Don’t miss a Kaia workout – almost 
  • Cut my hair…more than a trimbay + I both went short!
  • Figure out a blog giveaway…I’m thinking Galentine’s theme?
  • BBQ burgers – per Bay’s request
  • Track all food in MyFitnessPal
  • Decorate for Valentine’s Day ♥
  • Buy myself something cute #retailtherapyI excelled at this task
  • Costco run.  Am I the only one who hates Costco?churros + new towels 🙂 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……


Friday night with friends //

I used to be a pizza every Friday night kinda gal, but I think going out is a nice change from time to time.  Our House is where we landed.  Great drinks.  Great food.  Great service!  Great company!

You have to start with the hand-pulled mozzarella….THE BEST EVER!  The Gnocchi was out of this world.   Salmon + Rib Eye were pretty damn good too!




Thanks for the fun night Truitt’s!


Happy Hour //

I swear I do more than just happy hours…lol.  I was kid free in my defense.  But, can we talk a minute to talk about the amazing signage at Blue Note Brewery?


“Parent Rules”

Basically, don’t let your kid be a dick while you get tips!



Bay’s home //

With 1,093 extra Maui freckles and all.  She grew about an inch, as I had predicted.  With a case of chocolate covered macadamia nuts for her mama ♥ Look at that beautiful smile.

All is well in my world again!


Dangerous combo!  Try it!  Or maybe you shouldn’t.


Bay’s gorgeous lei.  We have it hanging in hopes it will dry out and she can keep it forever.  It smells so good.



New jams //

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with pj’s.  There is nothing better than comfy pj’s in the morning.  And at night.  Shit, they’re great mid-day too!  I scored this candy striped pair from the J.Crew sale.  I cannot wait till spring when I can wear them without freezing my ass off.


Candy striped pajama set


Reunited //

Bay + Rodeo ♥


Lots of pig barn detail the last two days.  Thankfully Bay loves it!


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{friday 5}


Hello, hello and Happy Friday.  TFGIF!  This week was touch + go.  I’m happy to report, I survived!  Can you believe we’re at the tail end of January ALREADY!  I think I’m finally ready to tackle the new year.  The struggle has been real! Like really real.  How about you?

Weekend plans?

Kick it with the Truitt’s….it’s been too long.  Maybe sneak in one more movie?  Smother my girl till she’s sick of me.  Make + shoot an arugula salad to share next week.  The weather channel says 64 degrees Sunday (no rain).  Maybe even a little sunshine.  So, I hope to be outside for more than like, half a second for once.

Let’s get to the 5 things on my mind today……


ONE – New Logo // Did you catch a peak at the new logo I added to the blog?  Isn’t she pretty?  I’ve been on the hunt for something with a little color to brighten up the site a bit.  When they talk about the January blues….they aint joking.  I have never been so ready for some sunshine + 70 degrees in my whole life.  So I thought I’d fill my house with pretty blooms.  And a pretty floral logo to make me smile.  Flowers have been proven to be a mood lifter…I wrote about it here: {friday 5}



TWO – Another stripe top // You will never believe it!!!  I fell in love with another stripe top!  This one is so good that I recommend you stop what you’re doing and order it NOW!  Or go to Arden and find one in-store.  That’s where I picked this one up, since all the sizes are just about sold out online.  Perfect henley neckline.  And it’s fitted.  Which you all know I love.  The tighter the better…lol.  This one doesn’t get all stretched out either.  I’m here to tell you about all the good shit you “need” and this is at the top of the list today!

Comes in 8 solids + stripes color combos too!

Oh yeah, and it’s $14!  Such a steal!





THREE – The Commons Farm Kitchen + Bar, Guinda // Found this little gem on FB a couple of weeks ago.  It randomly popped up in my feed.  The restaurant recently opened in December.  This little roadside spot has been so many different restaurants in the past.  I really hope this one sticks.

Obsessed with the bar stools right out front.  I can see myself squating there for a cold one, come summertime.

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Random shit

{a little of this + a little of that}



a little of this + a little of that…….


Last night I slept 9 hours straight.  Didn’t even set my alarm.  I finally feel like a human again.  Insomnia is no fucking joke!

This article: People Who Swear May Be Happier, Healthier And More Honest

Currently perfecting the pesto scone.  Coming to the blog soon!

Thanks to my Insta friends, I’m grabbing the navy basket today!


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{cookie dough cheesecake bars}


Missing my girl like CRAZY!!!  Bay gets home this weekend and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her and squeeze her tight!!

A week is a lonngggg time.

And I bet she’s grown an inch too.

So today I’m sharing a post that she helped me out with.  Or I helped her out with?  Really she just baked another killer dessert and said I could post it.  Ha!

Bay is the baker in the house.  She calls me the cook.  But, I’m down with that.  Baking isn’t my specialty.  Bay on the other hand, LOVES it.  She’s also a math wiz and the exact measurements are her thing.  I’m more of a dump it in and think, yep….that looks about right.

I think her baking obsession started with the fact she has a massive sweet tooth 🙂  And my baking skills were lacking.

This is Bay back in 2014 with her heart-shaped chocolates peanut butter blossoms.

Look how little she is.  OMG, now I miss her even more….tears!



The only way I can get Bay on the blog these days is by picking up all the ingredients for a baking recipe she’s found or made up.  When she told me about this one, I was like, Yesss!  Done!


She’s grown just a little, huh?!?!


Ok, I’m done.  Back to the recipe…..

It’s easy.  It’s semi-homemade.  It will get your sweet tooth fix.

Just how Bay likes it.

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{camo + stripes}

Camo + stripes!  The first time I’ve rocked this combo, and def not the last.  I was super unsure about mixing a print + stripe.  A little out of my comfort zone.  But I LOVED it.  And to be quit honest, this has been my EVERY weekend wear outfit since Christmas.  Shit you not.


Camo Vest // Stripe Top // Denim // Sneakers

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{weekend notes}


I’ve got a case of the MONDAY’S!  Big time.  Just not feelin it today.  Tomorrow is a new day!  And it will be a better day.  Maybe a little sunshine, Mother Nature?  Please!

What’s your Kardashian name?

Mine: LA North.

I feel like I could totally fit in with a name like that.


Intentions for the week:

  • Go to the Container Store
  • Declutter one room each day
  • Decorate a cauliflower crust pizza – (on this weeks to-do’s I’m thinking brussels sprouts + balsamic reduction)
  • Spoil Benny on his birthday
  • Meditate every morning for 10 minutes.  So not me, but I think I want to try. – (Who’s got time for that?)
  • Watch all the movies at the theater I’ve been wanting to see
  • Spruce up the front patio – It turned out so good ♥  Thanks to my Mom’s help!
  • Make a $12 grocery store flower arrangement for the blog
  • Lunch date with my Mom + Sis
  • Rice all the cauliflower in the fridge + freeze for meal prep – I’ve got cauli-rice for dayyysss


Last week’s intentions: {weekend notes} 


Here’s some highlights from the weekend……


Friday //

Nails + Vince’s with my girl.  She needed to get her Hawaii nails.  She picked white fingers + pink toes.  So cute ♥


It was one of those days that called for a Vince’s margarita.  We actually had two…but who’s counting?

Have you ever had their pork burrito?  It’s the ONLY thing I order anymore.  The best!  Ala cart, since I kill about two baskets of chips + salsa before 🙂



And she’s off //

I dropped my girl off first thing Saturday morning.  She’s spending the week in Hawaii with her Dad’s side of the family.


Pom Pom Luggage Tag

I found the adorable luggage tag at Walmart last week.  For $3.  I seriously looked everywhere for about 2 weeks then stumbled on this one and it matches her new luggage perfectly.


I snuck a little surprise care package in Bay’s carry-on for the long flight.  Her fave snacks + some cute games to keep her busy.



I, Tonya //

Don’t waste your time or money.  Other than the fact the acting was great, the movie was terrible.  I felt like I had 2 hours stolen from me when it was over.  Not a fan!!



Retail therapy //

A Nordstrom trip always solves the problem.  And their order pick-up is the best thing since sliced bread.  When you know what you want, but don’t feel like tracking it down or trying shit on.  Order online, wait about 30 minutes.  You’ll get a text when your order is ready.  Swing by the shoe department.  Show the cashier your ID, done!


Picked up a little something for my newest nephew.  Wayyy too cute to pass up.


Lunch + wine at the cafe.  Sugar cleanse is back in full swing today.  Sometimes you just have to say screw it and have a glass of chard.  The heart wants what it wants.



Willow Oak Crab Feed //

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{friday 5}


It’s Friiiiiday!  But, I got a job and lots of shit to do.  I had the best sleep ever last night.  And I’m thanking my homegirl Rachel for it.  She brought me a Himalayan salt lamp last night and I plugged it in when I went to bed.  So many benefits, but the one I was most excited about was the better sleeping part.  Something with positive ions in the air?  Not really sure if it’s in my head or what, but this ol girl is feeling refreshed AF after seven uninterrupted sleep last night.  Cheers to the weekend friends…have a good one.


But first, 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – Homemade Bagels // My DM’s were blowing up Saturday morning for this recipe.  You’re going to DIE when you see how easy it is.  You will most likely have all the ingredients on hand too.  Don’t you love it when that happens?   So, this is another Skinny Taste recipe.  Except I didn’t follow it completely, and they still turned out so good.  And so damn pretty too!  Make them for your people this weekend, k?!?!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{2018 intentions}



While 2017 was a good year, I just know that 2018 is going to be even better!!  So excited for a fresh new start.  And….THIRTY SIX.  Holy shit!  How did that happen?  Ha.

It’s that time were we all set resolutions.  Some love em’ and some hate em’.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those “new year, new me” bullshit artists.  I’m still the same ol’ chardonnay guzzling, F bomb dropping, crazy bitch that I was December 31st.  But why not set some realistic achievable goals?  Intentions.  New habits.  Shit you want to do that would make you feel better.  Make you happier.  I guarantee if you consistently add a few “good things” to your routine, by the time 2019 rolls around you’ll be happier + healthier + stronger + calmer and enjoying the hell out of life.

I truly believe that you have to write that shit down.  Put pen to the paper.  Writing them down gives them power.  Too much?  I swear by it.

And without further ado……

Here’s what I’ve got planned to improve my overall health + happiness for 2018!




Punctuality //

If you know me, then you know I’m ALWAYS late.  Like 20 minutes late.  At least…FML!  I hate it.  Such a terrible way to start the day or plans.  Being late leaves me frazzled and feeling like a total ass.  My co-workers are going to fall out of their seats if I can keep this up!

Update: We’re on week 3 of January and I’m happy to report I haven’t been late yet!!! 




Learn to take a break instead of give-up //

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