{friday 5}


Whatever + wherever you plan to toast the New Year, make it a good one! This is my final post for 2017…CRAZY! Peace out 2017. So pumped to see what’s in store for 2018. New goals are made. Champagne is chilling. We’re off to camp our way through the final days of 2017. Cheers friends!! 🥂

But first I’ve got 🖐🏻 things on my mind……..

ONE – Jacket // I bought this jacket. Then returned this jacket. It was too big 😭. But I can’t stop thinking about it. And it’s now marked down too. What to do? According to Instagram polls, it was a 50/50. I think I’ll over think about it a little more. Then probably pull the damn trigger. #yolo

A New Day Leopard Print Coat

5249083652490836_Alt01< strong>TWO – New Years Coloring Page // I’m a sucker for a festive coloring page. And I love to see what kids answers are to the somewhat though questions. Like ” I am proud of”….. or “My best memory”. We’ll be camping for New Years and I thought this would be a fun pastime. You can click on the image to print or click on the link below.

Coloring Page Printable

2017-Year-In-Review-Printable.jpg< strong>THREE – Movies // So many good movies this time of year. We spent some time taking in a couple of good ones. Lady Bird. The Great Showman. And we can’t forget Pitch Perfect 3. I personally enjoyed all three movies, but The Great Showman is fantastic. Totally kid friendly. And I guarantee it will keep you attention throughout the whole movie. Go see it!!

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{grilled salmon + avocado salsa}


Okay friends, it’s time to get all healthy and shit.  Anyone else on hopping on the health bandwagon?  It’s time.  I’ve decided.  I’m ready.  No more excuses.  No more potatoes.  No more bread.  Clean eats it is.

My house is back to normal.  Christmas has offically left the house!  No even a trace left behind.  Don’t get my wrong, I LOVE the Holidays.  #holidaywhore

But, when it’s done.  I’m done!  No joke.  Tree down the next day.  Decorations down.

Ready to re-focus.  Ready to un-Christmas.  Damage control.

Ready to focus on eating right.  Good + healthy + fresh  foods.

While scouring the internet for new Whole30-ish recipes, I came across The Cookie Rookie.


With over 2 million “pins” I figured it must be a good one.


Look at that avocado salsa.  Nothing better than cutting into a perfectly ripe avocado.

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{elf on the damn shelf // final days}


Raise your hand if you’re ready to the Elf on the Damn Shelf to disappear?  FOR-EV-ERRRR!

You’ve got two more night and DONE!  Done for 11 months!  11 months of sleeping soundly.  11 months of not waking up to OHHH SHIT!!!  11 months of not cleaning up a frickin mess that you made the night before.  11 months of pure joy!

Since we’re on the final stretch, let’s make it a good one.  You in?  Okay, good!


Elf on the Damn Shelf Final Days

Supplies needed:

  • lipstick or dry erase marker
  • free printable letter (below)
  • bottle of wine


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{friday 5}


Happy Friday!  I know it’s been a killer of a week.  Last minute shopping + gift wrapping + tying up loose ends at work.  But, we made it!  It’s Friday.  I have a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge waiting for my arrival.  And I cannot wait to enjoy the next 11 days work free!  And guess what peeps?  I’ve pre-blogged so you will still be getting emails everyday next week to your inbox while I’m still snoozing in bed.  And tomorrow – the last Elf on the Damn Shelf – Final days.  Have you planned out the departure of your Elf?  Ha.  Kidding.  Of course you have, probably since December 2nd.

I’ve got 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – Stocking Stuffers // This year, the first year EVER, I nailed it on the stocking.  I normally hit up Target about this time and walk up and down the isles looking for random shit to fill the stocking up.  Not this year.  I’ve been gathering little goodies as Bay mentioned she liked things.  Most things, I even got on sale.  Which is a huge plus.  Stocking stuffers can get expensive AF.  So if you’re in need of some ideas…check out what I grabbed below.  I’ve linked every little item I’m stuffing the stocking with this year.  And Santa gets all the damn credit…lol!

Chocolates // Slippers // Honey // Ruffle Top // Emoji Coin Purse // Pom-Pom Hair tie // Mary’s Angel Ornament // Velvet Hair Bow // 2018 Planner // Amazon Echo Dot // Hand Sanitzer Kit



TWO – Teacher Gifts // I had messages asking for this sooner, and I straight up dropped the ball.  I meant to share this last week and forgot.  This would make for a great hostess gift + homie gift + neighbor gift.  Really anyone, if you ask me.  I know I’d be pumped with Seka Hills products + spiced nuts 🙂  Anyway, this is what Bay took her teachers yesterday.  I’ve already got a request for more of the spiced nuts once school starts back up after the new year.

Seka Hills Olive Oil // Balsamic Vinegar 




THREE – The Royals // Raise you’re hand if you’re as obsessed with the Prince Harry + Meghan Markle as I am?  Their engagement photos are everything.  I mean, that dress!  I die!  What a lucky bitch!

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