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{weekend notes}

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The struggle is real!  And that’s all I gotta say about this day!

Ok, first off…..

Intentions for the week:

You can read last weeks Intentions here {weekend notes}.  Once again, I sucked at tracking my food on My Fitness Pal.  This week it’s on though.  You guys, after a month off from Kaia, I start back as of August 1st….that’s tomorrow!  I’m scared and excited.  More excited, I think.  I’ve got some goals to crush!

  • September budget spreadsheet
  • Track ALL food on My Fitness Pal (I tracked till Thursday…boo)
  • Go through my closet and donate/sale clothes
  • Lay off the vino….until Friday, of course (failed MISERABLY)
  • Plan SF hike/weekend
  • Make oven roasted tomatoes
  • Prepare for garage sale (FML)
  • Make my own coffee every morning (stay out of the Starbucks drive thru)
  • Do charcoal teeth whitening and tell you all about it…lol. (back on the list)
  • Make sheet pan eggs
  • Lunch break arboretum walk (too HOT for that shit)
  • Deep clean bathroom cabinets/drawers/makeup (throw shit away)


And for some weekend highlights….

Friday //

Can’t beat jalapeno margs at the Truitt’s!  Perfect way to kick off the weekend, if you ask me!!!



Saturday //

Early breakfast date with my girl ♥

Morgan’s Mill is gorgeous.  The rustic brick building.  Succulent accents.  An outdoor patio with lights strung.  Not only is the building itself easy on the eyes….they serve good coffee.  Amazing cinnamon roll waffle.  That’s mascarpone cheese on top.  Heavenly.  The gluten-free chocolate muffin was Bay’s favorite.  And remember….”she doesn’t do that gluten-free stuff”…lol.

Oh and they made her a warm caramel apple cider drink.

We’ll be back!!

Hoping to pop in on an evening and sip a glass of chard on that patio!!



Strait to Vegas, that is.  Remember last September the three of us (my besties) went to see the King in Vegas?  You can read about it here {weekend notes}

Well, we decided around December that we were going back.  Who knew the Cowboy was not ever going to ride away?  And continue to release more and more concert dates.


Strait to Vegas exclusive world-wide engagements have hosted 10 at capacity shows since George retired the tour bus.

The 2016 shows he played his 60 #1’s in chronological order.  He did it by playing the first 1-30 #1’s Friday night.  Then the following 31-60 #1’s Saturday (the second night).  With the addition to the can’t miss classics…..”Fool Hearted Memory” “You Look So Good In Love” and so on.

In November of 2016 he announced the sold-out series would continue through 2017.

The last 6 shows, one of which we were at Saturday night, was once again “Two Nights of Number Ones”  He changed it up a little for these remaining shows.  Still the #1’s, just not in chronological order.

He claims the 4 shows left, he will be changing up the format even more.  Man, I wish I could snag another ticket to see what he’s got in store.

  • Friday, September 1st
  • Saturday, September 2nd
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Saturday, December 9th

So, if you haven’t already seen this show, you’ve still got a chance.  And let me tell you, this is a MUST!

Will the King of Country ride away after December 9th?  That is the question.  But, damn, I’m sure hoping not!!!


Some of my favorites…..

“Here For A Good Time”


“All My Exes”


“Blue Clear Sky”

This song reminds me of my homegirl Zeb ♥


And then my phone died…

It was a sad thing!

Tall cans with mom!


I even bought a George tall can coozie.  T-shirt.  And playing cards.  I couldn’t help myself.


George played till midnight.  We sang and danced.  The BEST concert ever!

Fremont Street Experience //

After the concert we grabbed a cab and headed for Fremont Street.  Now I understand why they call it the “experience”

It’s nothing short of a crazy ass experience.

Maybe it was the 1am time-frame?  Maybe it’s always like this.  I couldn’t tell you.






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{friday 5}

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What. A. Week.  Not going to bore you too much with the nitty-gritty, but this week was a frickin whirlwind.  Today is FRIDAY and that makes me happy AF!  And this weekend is going to be pretty good.  Me + Mom + Kissey + George + Vegas….enough said!

So, let’s chat about 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – iPhone maps // Anyone else thinks it’s borderline creepy that you’re iPhone knows exactly where you’re headed?  I got this leaving the gym the other morning.  Every morning I get in my car, it tells me what time I’ll arrive at my office in Dixon.

I found out that deep inside your location services (under privacy) there is a feature called Frequent Locations.  When turned on, your phone will keep tack of places you visit on a regular basis.  After about a week it will begin automatically sending you travel time to destinations you frequent at that given time.  Weird.  Some peeps have asked how it works, or how to turn it on.  So there ya go.

My question….do you love it?  Or do you hate it?  I’m not a fan.

FullSizeRender (22).jpg


TWO – Harry’s // Ladies + gentleman…do yourself a favor and throw away your razors.  Go to Target and grab a Harry’s.  I know they are designed for me, but trust me on this one…..You’ll get the best leg shave ever.  Smooth as a babies butt!  Harry’s get’s my full endorsement.

$10 for a the grip + 2 razors + travel cover.

• 1 Rubberized grip handle for control
• 2 Razor Blade Cartridges featuring 5 German razor blades, flex hinge, lubricating strip, and a precision trimmer
• 1 Travel Razor Blade Cover to protect your razor blades when you’re on-the-go

Harry’s Men’s Razor with 2 Razor Blades has everything you need for an exceptional shave.

Harry’s razor blade cartridges are engineered at its world-class German factory that has been producing some of the world’s finest blades for almost 100 years. Each cartridge features 5 razor blades with precision-honed edges that are both sharp and durable, a flex hinge that contours to your face, a lubricating strip for a smooth finish, and a precision trimmer for those hard-to-reach places.

The razor handle is designed with a rubberized matte exterior, texturized grip pattern, and weighted core for maximum grip and control. It may be the best-looking thing in your bathroom (other than you).


The branding is on point too, which I know all women like 🙂

Harry’s Men’s Razor with 2 Razor Blades – Forest Green



THREE – Salsa Chicken // I posted these images on my Instagram stories last night.  Dinner delivery + meeting baby Cora ♥  3 week old Baby Cora was for sure a highlight of the week.  Bay’s already requesting to babysit 🙂  She’s the littlest, cutest baby.  Reminds me of Bay when she was 3 weeks old…about 11 years ago…OMG!

We also took dinner to Cora’s diaper changing, midnight feeding, parents.  I  got lots of messages asking for the chicken recipe.  It’s probably the most simple recipe ever.  And I’ve made it more times than I can count.  Make a great salad topper, taco filler, quesadilla stuffing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • chunky salsa (I use Pace)

Place chicken in a crockpot.  Top with 1/2 jar or more of salsa.

Cook on high for 3-4 hours.

Shred with two forks in the crockpot.

That’s it!

Works great for a Sunday meal prep for lunches too.

Other highlights….cards with GG + Hand And Foot night.  That bone pile is impressive, and caused a really great chain of group texts the following day.  HAF = hungover AF?  LOL!  Always a good time.  I hope my hangover is gone by the next card night.

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{good shit}

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How about National Be Kind Day?  Let’s start it.  Who’s in?  Today, the 26th day of July.  Let’s all do something kind.  Even if its just ONE kind deed.  Kindness doesn’t cost a cent and is worth it’s weight in gold.  Sprinkle that shit everywhere you go.  Open a door for someone.  Smile at a stranger (just not a creepy one).  Text a homie.  Call your grandma and say Hi!  It takes a couple of second out of your day.  Do good shit!  And guess what, not only will good shit come back to you, you will feel pretty damn good too!

Remember a {weekend notes} where I talked about all the “Good Shit” that happened that weekend?  More “Good Shit” happened last weekend.  Right as our spontaneous road trip started, a black cat ran across the road, right in front of us.  I’m not going to lie….I’m  superstitious.  Please tell me I’m not the only one?  It totally freaked me out.  How can you start a trip like that?  You know what it means when a black cat runs across the street in front of you?  It means you should turn around and go back.  Otherwise, bad luck.

Instead of turning around, I decided…let’s just do “Good Shit” and we’ll be fine.  So, that’s what we did.  I sprinkled “Good Shit” every place I went.  And guess what?  Not a single thing went wrong, bad…nothing.  No bad luck.  What I’m saying here friends, just do “Good Shit!”

Bay and I chatted about this on our way to summer camp this morning.  About all the super easy things you can do.  She decided that she’d pay lots of complements to other kids + counselors and smile at others.  Smiles are contagious.  Yet so simple!  And if my 10-year-old can do can you!!!

Random Acts of Kindness aka “Good Shit”

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{weekend notes}

We are on our final week of July….holy smokes, how did that happen?  Weekends notes is late, but you know how it goes.  Shit happens.  Normally on a Monday.


Intentions for the week:

You can read last weeks (updated) Intentions here {weekend notes}.  I wanted to see if this would get my ass in gear.  I’d say I did okay….thank god there is always next week…Ha 🙂

  • Deep clean office/throw everything away (almost done)
  • Pack (light) for Vegas….I’m terrible at packing
  • Cards with GG
  • Track ALL food on My Fitness Pal (I did two days then gave up)
  • Do good shit for others – aka random acts of kindness
  • Finish Serial podcast (didn’t listen to it once last week)
  • Mani + pedi
  • Car wash inside + out
  • Make honey lemon chicken
  • Schedule safety recall on the Pilot…any other fellow Honda Pilot owners get one of these?
  • Go to be by 10pm!


How about some highlights from the weekend?

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Have you ever decided Friday around 6pm to take off.  I’m talking leave without a plan.  No idea where you’re going?  Just a direction.  Me either.  But, I did.  Exhilarating!

My over-planning ass was completely content too.

Waking up here was one of the highlights!  Have you ever seen a more beautiful backyard?  Me either!



Leggett, Ca //

Where Hwy 1 ends and 101 begins.  Also the home of the famous Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree.

Height: 315 feet

Diameter: 21 feet

Age: 2,400 years

Travelers have been taking pictures of their vehicles inside this tree since 1937.

Pretty cool!

And worth the drive!



Wine //

We brake for wineries.  Especially wineries that look like this.  Pacific Star Winery is a nestled into a cliff side about 12 miles north of Fort Bragg.

I stole this image off the website to show you how impressive this place really is.  My iPhone pictures don’t do it enough justice.
above good

Best sign ever!


This bench was the spot.

We sat and dangled our feet.

Sipped a bottle of Pacific Star Tempranillo.

Watched the waves crash.

I could have stayed right here.  All Day!


If you’re ever in the neighborhood, please do me a huge favor….STOP here.  Drink the wine and take in the views.


Check out this cottage you can rent for the weekend!


Westport, Ca //

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{friday 5}

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I got that Friday feeling.  Just like Baby! And I’m watching the clock….hurry up 5 o’clock!  I’m ready for you, weekend!

First, I’ve got 5 things on my mind……


ONE – Glorious Video // How did I just watch this for the first time today?  I’ve been hearing about this video for over a week now and finally hit play.  What a bad ass Grandma!  And to think, he could have any hootchie in the world shaking her ass on his video and he chose his 100-year-old Grandma, Helen!  Well done Macklemore!  Well done!

Grab a Kleenex and click on the link below to watch the music video!! ♥




(feat. Skylar Grey)

You know I’m back like I never left
Another sprint, another step
Another day, another breath
Been chasing dreams, but I never slept
I got a new attitude and a lease on life
And some peace of mind
Seek and I find I can sleep when I die
Wanna piece of the pie, grab the keys to the ride
And shit I’m straight
I’m on my wave, I’m on my wave
Get out my wake, I’m running late, what can I say?
I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave
And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name
So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?
Did I look out for the people or did I do it all for fame?
Legend it’s exodus searching for euphoria
Trudging through the mud to find the present, no ignoring us
Got 20,000 deep off in the street like we some warriors
My mama told me never bow your head, woo![Skylar Grey:]
I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious[Macklemore:]
I’m feeling glorious
The crib looking Victorian (oh yes it is)
You know that we been going in
Since we hopped out that Delorean (Delorean, yeah we win)
En garde, things are just things
They don’t make you who you are
Can’t pack up a U-Haul and take it with you when you’re gone
We posted on the porch, my family’s glasses to the stars
My grandma smiling down on me like woo, that boy got bars
Okay, okay, yes I do
I said amen and hallelujah, let me testify too
Another morning, a morning, don’t let self get in my way
I got my breath, I got my faith and I remember why I came[Skylar Grey:]
I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious

We gon’ be alright, put that on my life
When I open my eyes, hope I see you shine
We’re planting a flag they don’t understand
The world is up for grabs
We gon’ be alright, put that on my life
When I open my eyes, hope I see you shine
We’re planting a flag they don’t understand
The world is up for grabs

I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious



TWO – 3-day cleanse //  Last week I completed the Renew Life 3-day Cleanse Total Body Reset.

Reset, refresh, restore!* Feeling backed-up, bloated, sluggish, or not quite like yourself? You’re only a few days away from recapturing that clean, light energetic feeling with our quick, easy-to-use, advanced herbal cleanse and detox formula.* It works with your body’s natural metabolism to help eliminate waste and toxins, and relieve occasional bloating and constipation in just 3 days, to get you back to feeling like yourself again.* 3-Day Cleanse is gluten, dairy, and soy free, and guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration.


After reading review after review from chicks I follow on Instagram, I decided to give it a shot.  My main goals were to lose a little bloating and improve digestive wellness.  Ha.  That’s the most PG way of saying it that I can come up with.  There is a package with 12 capsules.  I took 2 in the morning.  2 at night.  Followed by LOTS of water.

I have to admit, I didn’t weigh myself before.  I’m kind of avoiding the scale like the plague at the moment.  So, I can’t say I lost weight.  That’s not what I was really shooting for, but obvi is always a plus.   I can say, I feel good.  It did what I wanted.  And I’d 100% do it again.

If you want to try it out, head to Nugget.  You’ll find it in the health dept.  And it’s only $7.99.



THREE –  White Claw // OMG…I tried this shit last night for the first time.  The Ruby Grapefruit flavor.  LEGIT!  Coming from a chick that pounds La Croix daily, you’re probably not surprised.  And I LOVE booze…lol.  This is Hard Seltzer! Just like my beloved sparkling water, but spiked!  Even fucking better!!!  You guys, this was made for me!  I just know it.


The ingredients list is short.

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{jalapeno margarita}

Why, oh why do I love margaritas so much?  Is it the ice-cold beverage on a hot summer day?  The salt covered rim?  Maybe the fun glasses they come served in?  Or Mayyyybbbeee, just maybe it’s the tequila?  Yep!  It’s for sure the tequila!

When a margarita is good.  It’s good!!!

Whether frozen, blended or on the rocks…I haven’t met one I don’t like.  Except those lip puckering sugary ones.  No, not those.

Then I found jalapeno limeade at TJ’s the other day.  What else would you do with it other than add tequila?  I think peeps drink it alone?  What a waste of calories.

In  honor of Thirsty Thursday…..

I’m sharing this concoction that you’re going to thank me for 🙂


I’m no bartender….I sit on the other side.  So, I’m not going to give you measurements.  I just eyeball it.  It goes a little somthing like this….

Jalapeno Limeade.  Some tequila.  A little more tequila.  Taste it.  Just a splash more tequila.  Shake!


Jalapeno Margies

  • Patron (silver ONLY)
  • TJ’s Jalapeno Limeade
  • Limes
  • Ice
  • Salt


Run a slice of lime over the rim of your glass.  Dip in salt.

Into a shaker add patron (lots) + limeade + fresh squeezed lime juice + lots of ice.  Shake the shit out of it.

Dump it in your glass.

Stick a slice of lime on the side of the glass…because it makes it look fancy and all.

Drink it!

Probably make another one.  At least I did!

You guys, so so so good!


And since we’re on the topic….

Check out the tank I found at Target last week!

Margaritas made me do it!  I couldn’t pass it up!



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{leather tote}

Meet my new everyday companion.



This is the ultimate classic everyday bag.  I fell in love with it the moment she arrived on my door-step.  I think it’s a she?  Don’t you?  Anyway – you know me, when I love something, I’m gonna tell you all about it…HA!

When I fling this bag over my shoulder, it feels like we’ve been homies forever.  Kinda lived in.  Perfectly broken in!  You can see it in the high and low brown tones of the leather.

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{gluten-free fudgy brownies}


Good morning!!  I was crazy productive yesterday.  Even crossed off a few of my Intentions I set for the week.  It totally works.  Write that shit down.  Cross that shit off.  It feels so good.

Let’s chat about this….when is the last time you took EVERYTHING out of your refrigerator and wiped everything down, threw away outdated condiments, organized drawers?  Gratifying AF!  Who knew such a task could make me that happy?  I vow to do this monthly.  I opened the fridge about 28 times last night to admire it.  Swear!  Haha!

Another Intention I was able to mark off….Gluten-Free Brownies.  Kinda!  Bailey the baker actually did this for me!

Against her will.  She said, “I don’t do that gluten-free stuff.”  I promised her they would turn out and she’d dig them.  I totally lied.  I was a little skeptical too.  I was really counting on Martha to pull through on this one.  I read the 569 reviews on this recipe.   Well, maybe just like 5 of the 569.  Let’s be real.  It sounded like a slam dunk.  I only made a couple of slight modifications.  Oh and by the way, I’m certainly not on a gluten-free diet or anything.  I just like to try out recipes that peeps swear by.

No flour.  Just cornstarch?  Then I read the ingredients.  Not funky items I’d have to make a special grocery store run for?  Let’s do this!!

They are totally fudgy.  Perfectly chocolaty!  So chewy.  Full of tasty toasty walnuts.  Yummm!  I swear, you will NOT believe these are a gluten-free dessert!

I was so damn impressed, I drove to my parents house at 10pm to have my Mom try them.  Well, and to do another load of laundry.  Washer is coming Friday….can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!

She LOVED them too!  Told ya!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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