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{500 burpees, say what?}



With each Kaia Fit Session, comes a new challenge.

You can read more about previous Kaia challenges here:

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This Risky Business CORE session challenge – you guessed it

Building the Burpee

500+ Burpees in 5 weeks.  Crazy right?  YESSS!

Think 15 Burpees per day.  We are going to be Burpee Babes in no time!

Check out this video of Nikki Warren, Owner/Founder Kaia FIT demoing the Balance/Strength Level Burpee + Kaia Level Burpee. HERE!

Do you know what Burpees do for your body?  Check it out:

The Burpee is a full body strength training exercise.  With every rep, you’ll work your

  • arms
  • chest
  • quads
  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • abs

I read this article about Five Reasons Burpees Should Be Your Favorite Exercise:

  1. They burn mega calories
  2. They make you stronger
  3. They are great for conditioning
  4. They require NO equipment
  5. You can add them to any workout


They still are not my favorite though…lol.




I did my 15 this morning before I hopped in the shower!!  It took me less than 4 minutes.


If you think 15 Burpees in one day is crazy…read this shit:

World records

At 4 pm on May 17, 2014, in Greenwood, SC, Cameron Dorn broke two burpee world records: the most burpees performed in 12 hours with 5,657 and the most burpees completed in 24 hours with 10,105

10,105 in one damn day.  I think I can get 15 in a day….haha.



xoxo stacyb


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