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{friday 5}

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ONE J.Crew new arrivals have hit the .com.  Oh My Lawd!  I want it ALLLLLL.  Anyone else smitten over all the summer additions?  They may not have invented Summer, but they sure are the official outfitter in my book!


I put together a little slide show of just a few of the $1,756 worth the items currently hanging out in my online shopping cart.  Too much good stuff to decide….FML!

Good news – 25% off with code “summer”  If you’re a cardmember 30% off with code “cardsonly”

I have to admit, I did order a couple of pre-order items and can’t frickin wait for them to arrive in June.  With a promo code like that, you gotta get it while the gettin’s good.

Stop what you’re doing to get your ass shopping!!

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TWO – V E G A S //  Remember when I posted that I’m going to Vegas to see my boyfriend, George?  (Insert crazy girl dancing with her hands the air).  Well, we booked our flights + hotel this week.  Only 112 days away, but who’s counting?  I AM!  Me + My Mama + My Sister are going to getaway for a fun trip together and I couldn’t be more excited.



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{7 healthy recipe sites to bookmark}

While healthy food is on all of our brains, I thought I’d share my favorite sites for good-for-you recipes to make this month.  I’m constantly bookmarking healthy recipe sites that I don’t want to forget.  I subscribe to TONS.  I always look at Pinterest too.  Who doesn’t want to eat better, cook at home more or to incorporate more vegetables into meals?

Here are my top 7 go-to healthy websites for inspiration (you’ll want to bookmark these):

1. Skinny Taste – Reaching over 3 million viewers per month, Gina’s (author, photographer and recipe developer) idea to marry great good + beautiful photography has become highly rewarding.  At, you’ll find healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice any of the flavor that can be found in their full-fat origins.  These creations are both “skinny” and “tasty.”  Weight Watchers approved, the reason I stumbled upon the Gina’s labor of love.  Delicious, healthy, low-fat, family friendly recipes, what more can you want?  As you can see, I’m a BIG fan.  I typically use at least 1 Skinny Taste recipe per week.

See for yourself – Top 25 Most Popular Recipes of 2015




2. Love & Lemons  – Beautifully photographed bright seasonal food finished with a squeeze of lemon.  This husband + wife duo just came out with their first cookbook.  The Love and Lemons Cookbook: An Apple-to-Zucchini Celebration of Impromptu Cooking.  I have it on hold at the library 🙂


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{adidas original}


Buy the damn shoes!  That is, if you can get your hands on them…..

This trendy classic was hard to get my hands on.  Every single email I got said the same damn thing: SOLD OUT!  I called Nordy’s probably 5 times in the last month: “sorry ma’am, we don’t have them in your size!” The struggle was real.

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So, I did what any “normal” person would do….googled the shit out of them.  Then found a blogger that said she bought them in Big Kid sizes.  What?  I then googled the Adidas size chart.  Who know a kids size 7 is the same as a woman’s size 8?  And guess what?  They were available.  Hallelujah!!  Plus kids sizes are $10-$20 cheaper too.  Whoop Whoop!  Best part, I got them with my Mother’s Day Nordy’s gift card.  Thank you Cory ♥

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{shredded brussels sprout salad}

Skinny Taste Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad with Bacon + Avocado 

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A week ago today, Skinny Taste posted this recipe.  As you can see, I didn’t waste anytime.  Brussels sprouts + bacon + avocado = Yummmm-o.  I knew it would be a hit.  And sure enough, I will be lunching on this till it’s gone.

Raw brussels stand up so well to dressing, so this is a great left over/make ahead salad.  Just add the avocado right before serving and voilà!!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

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{weekend notes}

Monday tricks – good mood music (sublime) + Starbucks coffee + fresh blooms on the coffee table + clean car + full tank of gas.  This is the way to start off a work week.  All of these things combined are a sure way to make me a happy bitch ♥

I haven’t shared our weekly menu in quite a while, so I thought I’d talk about FOOD, one of my #1 topics to talk about.

Here’s what’s cookin’ at our house this week…..

Zucchini Turkey Burgers + Brussels Sprout Salad + Tater Tots (for the kid)

BBQ Pork Tenderloin + Bacon Wrapped Veggies + Roasted Red Potatoes

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{friday 5}


I’m just happy it’s FRIDAY!  Have a fab weekend and do something you love.  I’m taking off to spend the weekend with a besties.  It’s good for the soul ♥


ONE – Dear Instagram,

What the Fuck were you thinking.  Your “new look” SUCKS.  The retro-looking camera icon was one of the most recognizable tech logos out there.  It’s now been replaced with a swirl of sunset colors and an outline of a camera?   As if the camera was murdered at sundown and chalk was drawn around its body.  Like it’s dead!!  Can you tell that I am NOT a fan?   It takes me 2 damn minutes to find that stupid new app icon on my screen.  The update equally sucks.  And you didn’t notify us first or ask our opinion?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yours Truly,

A pissed off B




TWO – This dress is being delivered next week and I’m tracking it all the way.  Can’t wait.  I’ll let you know when it FINALLY arrives 🙂


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{#wiw vs. #ootd}

#wiw vs. #ootd

One of my most asked questions about xoxostacyb.

#wiw = what i wore or what i’m wearing

#ootd = outfit of the day.  Used on blogs and fashion websites.

I found this cool website that defines hashtags.  It’s pretty informative.  Like #sss = someone special sunday.  Or what about #oomf = one of my followers, DUH!  Haha….I didn’t know what either of those were, but I’ve seen them.

Check it out here….#tagdef.

So, today I’m sharing my #wiw #ootd ♥

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This top arrived on my doorstep.  I swoon.  Electric Red.  Not my normal color choice.  I fell madly in love at first sight.

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{10 facts every woman should know}

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Fact #1 you will find above. It’s hump day (insert camel emoji here).  We are half way there friends.  Agenda: cards + wine +  dinner with girlfriends.  These are a few of my favorite things.  I totally just sang that out loud.

I read these facts a few weeks back and they stuck in my head.  So, I need to share them with all the ladies out there……
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{weekend notes}


After a week of hardly any workouts, I vow to take the bull by the horns this week.  It’s on.  I was so busy focusing on so many other things last week, that I didn’t take time to focus on me and what I love to do.  Morning workouts are crucial.   I’ve learned that it can change my entire mood and day.  5am’s are my time.  The only time I’ve got to get shit done.  It makes me happy!

I have food prepped and I hit this gym this morning….it’s already a good day.


My girl had her 2016 Woodland Wreckers photos ♥


We headed to the Downtown Woodland First Friday.  So cool to see families lined up and down Main street shopping + eating + stopping to listen to the music.  I was impressed with the turnout.

Bailey’s last GATE session focused on art.  They did so many fun projects throughout the 6 weeks.  The best part, they were all displayed at the May 1st Friday Art Walk.

So proud of her and all her work.  The Art show was all GATE students from Woodland.  It was impressive what they young elementary school students can create.

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