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{friday 5}


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It’s Friday Bitches!!  And you know what that means…..

ONE – Kaia Butternut Squash Soup is legit.  It’s good for you too.  Double whammy.  


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{love is in the air}

Nothing says Valentines day like Pillsbury Sugar Cookies.  I’m a total sucker when I see these at the grocery store.  Red + pink + hearts are popping up all over the stores.  Love is in the air.  The cold, cold air…lol.  We’ve pulled out all of our decor and decked our halls with all the hearts and xoxo’s we could find.  I’ve linked some Valentine’s Day goodies that should get you + your littles in the Holiday spirit too.


Valentine’s Day Edition ♥

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{my 2016 kid baking champion}


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Bailey is hooked on the Food Networks, Kids Baking Championship.   Kids Baking Championship is hosted + judged by Duff Goldman + Valerie Bertinelli.

Eight talented young bakers compete for the title of Kids Baking Champion, $10,000, a full ‘baker’s kitchen’, an article written about them, and their cake recreated in Charm City Cakes.

Bailey has watched the same episode over and over.  I’ve seen bits + pieces too, and the show is pretty cute.  I can see what she enjoys.  I still to this day record Giada’s cooking shows.

Sunday afternoon, Bailey came up with an idea.  A brilliant idea, that included me NOT cooking dinner.  Obviously I was all in!!  Bailey wanted to do her very own “kid cooking challenge.”  She would do the cooking and I would do the tasting/judging.  Sounded like a fabulous plan to me.  She asked me to take her to Raley’s to pick out the ingredients.  Without a clue as to what she was making us, we loaded up and headed to the grocery store.

Here’s what she picked out:

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{weekend notes}



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Monday AGAIN

I swear the weekend was gone in the blink of an eye.  Things didn’t go exactly as planned.  We weren’t able to do everything we had hoped.  I don’t like changes in plans, at all.  But some things just happen for a reason.  We had lots of down time, which was nice.

Friday night was a TV and chill night.  Bailey still wasn’t feeling 100% so we had pizza (my true love), it was a skinny crust, so it doesn’t really count, right?  We layed in bed and watched TV till we dozed off, around 8pm.  LOL.  It was a real party.

I kicked off my Saturday morning with Kaia Fit POWER HOUR.  Great workout that kicked by butt into gear.  Lots of handbag exercises.

Thanks for the photos Val!!

Today marks the first day of Hell Week.  I’m not going to lie, I’m scared.  From what I’ve heard, the exercises get even more intense.  I figure that I’m going to be exhausted by the end of each day.  Other than having my meal plan + prep work, we also have a mellow week.  Sometimes it all works out that way for a reason.

Here’s what’s on our menu:

  •  Monday – Bailey’s cooking
  • Tuesday –  Turkey Taco Tuesday (lettuce wrapped) + guacamole + salsa + pinto beans
  • Wednesday – Cory’s cooking, Grilled steaks + broccoli + mashed sweet potato (twice baked for Cory + Bay)
  • Turkey burgers + zucchini fries
  • Friday – out to dinner


  • Kaia Tasty Thai Salad (my favorite)
  • Kaia Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup
  • Leftover Turkey Burger


  • Egg White + Spinach Scramble
  • Kaia Wild Workout Smoothie (I’ve mastered it, whoop whop)


  • Kaia Buffalo Kale Chips
  • Almonds
  • Kaia Happy Heart Juice
  • Apples


Saturday afternoon we celebrated my nephew’s 5th birthday at DK’s Place.  You’ve got to try their supreme pizza.  It’s pizza perfection.  And yes, that was my second time having pizza in two day.  Oooops.  But, damn it just so good!!




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{friday 5}

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Cheers to Friday!  I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend planned.  Whenever I say “we don’t have much planned” I sabotage it and overbook every minute of the 2-days home.  So, I will say – we have a somewhat relaxing weekend planned…lol.  I am 100% looking forward to everything that we have on the calendar thus far.

ONE – Starbucks sells beer + wine?  Where in the hell have I been?  This is unbelievable.  How can one shop carry my two favorite beverages?  So, I guess you tell your friends, hey lets meet at starbucks for wine?  That just sounds silly.  But, if you see me sitting in the corner alone double fisting a venti unsweetened black iced tea + a glass of wine, don’t be surprised.


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{day in the life of Melika}


Melika.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the name.  Seen her at the gym.  Taken a class she coached.  This chick right here is the reason we all show up for a good ol ass kicking each day.  If it wasn’t for her….I would still be sitting on my couch eating potato chips bitching about how fat I am.  LOL.  Seriously!!  Back in May 2014, Melika took a chance.  She opened up KaiaFit Woodland.  Inspired to help women create a healthy, active lifestyle.  The rest is history.  With 190 women currently enrolled. Now owning Arbuckle (satellite location) + Vacaville too.  This is a busy woman, let me tell you.

Melika isn’t just the Kaia boss lady.  She’s also the owner of Oasis Club & Spa.  Trainer.  Coach.  Wife. Mother. Daughter.  Sister.  Great Friend.  Volunteer.

If you know Melika, then you know this is a mama on a mission.  She’s always on the go.  Healthy snacks in hand.  And a giant smile on her face.

I asked her to do a day in the life of Melika.  You wouldn’t believe all she does in 1 freakin day.

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{kaia recipes + workout}

Good morning!  Hope your week is off to a good start.  I have to admit, after a weekend of over indulging, it feels good to be back at it.  Workouts + clean food make me happy.  It sounds ridiculous, but It’s 100% fact.  Over the weekend, I didn’t workout and broke a couple of the Kaia Commandments.  Let me tell you, I’m paying for it now.  Monday morning’s workout kicked my ass and today wasn’t any easier.

Today was a partner workout.  Think burpees + pull-ups + lots of squats + handbags.


Thanks Angela for the great partner workout.  Clearly I cant count luckily she kept us on track.  Too bad we didn’t take a picture before, because we are sweaty betty’s here at the end of the workout.  Thank god for black + white filters at 5am 🙂


Here’s what I ate Monday:

Breakfast // Kaia Wild Workout Drink.

I followed the directions but added a spoonfull of chia seeds and some water to thin it out a bit.  This recipe makes two servings, so I shared with Cory, who admitted it was pretty good.   If Cory gives it a thumbs up – that’s kind of a big deal!!

Sunday evening I bagged up the blueberries + celery + banana + walnuts in a ziplock and stuck it in the freezer.  Which made my smoothie making a breeze in the morning.  I just dumped my ziplock in the ninja and added the almond milk + protein powder + chia seeds.  I have a couple more ready to ninja for the next couple of days too.  I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a brilliant idea.  Kudos to those that do this already.


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{weekend notes}

IMG_3410 (2).jpg


It’s Monday and you’re probably not feelin it, so if you’re reading this then I hope something good happens to you today.  For reals though.  Something really, really good!!

I’m recovering from a great weekend in the snow.  I guess it’s more defrosting than recovering.  We had the best time.  I even stayed up past midnight Friday night.  CRAZY!!!


Our traditional Strawberry Lodge pit stop Friday night.  I love this place.  Once we hit this spot, it means we are on the home stretch to the cabin.


Guess what, I had pizza.  I said I wouldn’t but I  just couldn’t resist.  Lake Tahoe Pizza Company pizza is killer.  I’m a pizza snob and this in undeniably the bomb.  I balanced it out with a salad 🙂

Saturday we headed to Sierra-at-Tahoe.  This girl went snowboarding with the boys.  Her first time.  I am so incredibly proud of her.

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