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{friday 5}


ONE – Yaya’s // a group of 11 girls, that I probably would have never met or would have remained acquaintances, yet have grown to love each one of.  We are so incredibly different, but when we get together, watch out – it’s a really good time.  We’ve almost reached our second anniversary.  In these two years, I’ve gotten to know and adore each of these girls.  I look forward to Yaya time every month.

Each of us take a turn planning the monthly rendezvous.  Something fun and exciting.  Really, you could throw us in a room with a of bottles of wine and we would have a great time.  This month we took a cooking class.


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{dinner + a movie}

Phewww – made it through Monday. (barely)  Today is a new day!  Not sure I’m ready for daylight savings this weekend.  The extra hour of sleep sounds amazing.  The time change sure does take some time to get used too though.

Monday date night // Bailey + I decided to plan our Monday date at home this week.  I think she could see the exhaustion in my eyes…lol.  Well, and since my Mom & Bay snuck off to see Jem and the Holograms without me over the weekend, which was our original plan.  Devastated.

I have always wanted to do a movie themed dinner.  Lady and The Tramp was our movie selection for the night.  We shopped for ingredients to make spaghetti and meatballs (which I’ve never made before).  Threw on our aprons and got our hands dirty.  Lady and the Tramp played while we enjoyed our dinner.  Bailey lit the candle and said it felt like a real dinner date (umm, how would she know what a real date feels like??).  We may have even tried the famous spaghetti noodle kiss:)  If you are looking for a new meatball recipe, I highly recommend The Pioneer Women’s Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe.  It took a little time, but the end results were worth it.  We had kale caesar salad on the side.  Yummm.

lady and the tramp

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{weekend notes}

FML (2)


monday // normally one of my favorite days of the week, but not today.  The aches and pains are unreal.  Backpacking is no joke.  I have a new-found respect for backpackers – they are bad-ass hardcore hikers.  You add 40 lbs to your back and it’s a game changer.  Advil and bottled water will be my best friend for the next couple days.

backpacking Pt Reyes, CA
backpacking Pt Reyes, CA

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{booed + boozed}

Two posts in one day – it’s getting crazy over here!

Since I’ve had some many readers asking for Booed + Boozed printables, I decided to get them to you in time for the weekend.

Here ya go –

The TomKat Studios Booed Signs + Instructions can be founds here.

You've been Boozed Boozed Instructions

Just click on the image and print.

(These were emailed to me so I don’t have a source, let me know if you do)

Happy Boozing!!

xoxo stacyb

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{friday 5}



Longest week evvveerrrr, right?  I do it to myself, but we were on the GO.  To top it off – I didn’t sleep well at night (this is really unusual for me).  Just the word “Friday” makes me smile today. And I’m looking forward to enjoying a relaxing night at home with wine, I mean, my family 🙂  Cheers to you and a beautiful weekend!!

Here’s 5 things on my mind today:

ONE –  Back in June, a group of my girlfriends and I booked a guided overnight backpacking trip.  It’s FINALLY here.  We leave town early Saturday morning to meet our guides and the 40 lb backpacks we will be lugging around for the weekend.  Our adventure will take us all over the Pt. Reyes headlands and guide us through varying terrain along the coastal bluffs, mountains, lakes and ending at a stunning beach with a waterfall plummeting 40ft into the ocean.  The photos I’ve seen are incredible.  Experiencing the great outdoors with some of my favorite girlfriends will be such a treat.

I have followed A House In the Hills blog for sometime, so when she posted her Alamere Falls hike – I died when I found out that is the same hike we would be doing.  Check out her post here and the gorgeous photos she took.

Our guide sent us a gear list and it specifically noted “beverages of choice” thank god!  My girlfriends and I have been passing messages all week of the booze and snacks we plan to pack:)  I’m pumped, guys!!  In typical Stacy fashion, I threw together goody bags for each of the girls.  Everything I would think to be necessities for the occasion.  Including a secret item that should keep us all safe.  Since I convinced them all to do this with me, I need to deliver them all home safe.  I cant wait to share more Monday morning in {weekend notes}

alamare falls


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“Outfit Of the Day”

Urban Dictionary Definition:

usually used on fashion blogs, or other places where people show others what they are wearing or have worn

One of Instagrams top hashtags with over 58 million photos

Check it out for yourself here.

OOTD can also be found on Pinterest.

TONS of outfit inspiration.

The J.Crew catalog is another great source.

Here’s what I wore Wednesday


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{wednesday wish list}

I’m sure you can tell by now that I have a love for all things pretty.  Kitchen + Entertaining especially.  It rarely goes out of style.  And, you don’t grow out of it…lol.  I use my parent’s 38 year old wedding china and absolutely adore it.  It’s timeless.  I’m a collector of white serving dishes – I can’t help it.  The uniform look of a beautiful buffet covered with white serve-ware really makes the food pop.  World Market, Pottery Barn and Target are just a few of the places I frequent for new kitchen goods.
Here is my wish list of all kitchen pretties I would love to add to my cherished collection.

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{dating my daughter}

mom quote


Isn’t that the truth!!  Since motherhood is such a huge part of my life, I’ve decided to dedicate Tuesday blog posts to Kiddo topics.  This is for you, my Mama friends!!  Kid approved food + clothes + activities + of course, Holiday ideas.  Hopefully something most of you can relate too:)

I asked my 9-year-old what I should write about today and these are topics of her choice:

Last month Bailey and I decided that Monday’s after school and work, we would plan a date.  Just the two of us.  Something we both enjoy doing.  Every Monday.  Together.  I should mention, I totally stole this idea from my girl, Gretchen Rubin.  She’s the shit!  (I think that might be my first blogging cuss word?)  Gretchen is the Author of the Happiness Projects.  I listened to the audio books and loved that I could relate to some of her projects.  This one might be my favorite.

Since I began dating my daughter, we’ve gone to the movies, the park, frozen yogurt, cooked meals together, facials, and shopping.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive.  Bailey is an only child, so she obviously gets a lot of my time and attention.  There’s just something special about making a designated “date” that we can both look forward too.  Time to talk about anything.  Time to do things together uninterrupted.  Time to connect.  Two hours of undivided attention.  Weeks and days get busy, but Monday’s are a date – no matter what!  Each Monday since, I’ve gone to bed with such a full heart.  And what makes it better, Bailey told me she does too.  It’s the little things that truly count.  Monday dates are something you will be hearing more of:)


Bailey’s Tank from Gentry’s Closet is so cute.  Go check out her Etsy page.

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